Park Bo -kyuns first game meeting, the topic isP2E Game

Park Bo-kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, met with officials of the game industry on the 1st, The game is not a disease, but a culture. Kang Shin-cheol, chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association, asked the minister to allow all P & E game services.

On this day, Minister Park Bo-kyun listened to the field opinions for the sustainable growth of the game industry at the Korea Game Industry Association and discussed regulatory innovation and future development plans for sustainable growth. At the meeting, Chairman Kang Shin-cheol, Chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association, Chairman of the Korea Mobile Game Association, Chairman of the Korea Game Developers Association, Chairman of the Korea VR and AR Contents Promotion Association, Chairman of the Korea VR and AR Content Promotion Association, Neowiz Bae Tae-geun, Nexon Korea CEO Lee Jung-heon A total of 16 people attended, including CEO Jang Hyun-guk, Webzen Kim Tae-young, CEO of Kakao Games, CEO of Kakao Games, CEO of Com2us Holdings, CEO Chang-Han Kim, CEO of Pearl Abyss Hur Jin-young, NHN Big Foot Kim Sang-ho, and NCsoft Ahn Yong-kyun.

Park Bo-kyun said, The game is defined as a culture. He said, The game is a comprehensive cultural space where various contents are concentrated. Park emphasized that storytelling in the game stimulates the sensitivity of the public and makes it immersed in its charm.

Park emphasized the importance of the game in the cultural contents industry. K-content can think of BTS, squid game, etc., but if you are a global dominance, the game is at the forefront, he said. I think this is important. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism promised to support the game developers’ instincts to be alive.

Park said, The game is leading the fourth industrial technology. The technology that has been spotlighted in the game is as powerful as a warranty, and goes to other fields in earnest, he said. The game has developed into a complex advanced communication space.

Park also promised the government. In the era of Yoon Seok-yeol, the space of the game will be expanded, and the game industry will be developed, he said. He pledged to lead to innovation. Park also said that he would cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic ministries to expand the issue of the issue of China, and to respond wisely for the rational operation of the 52-hour week.

Park said, The game has always been suffering from prejudice and misunderstandings, such as attempts to drive into a disease. But the game is not a disease. At the same time, Park urged the game industry officials to restore users’ trust and temperance.

Park said, The Yoon Seok-yeol administration will do its best to work, create, create, pioneer, and not suffer from regulations.

Kang Shin-cheol, chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association, suggested that the global legal system to accelerate the spread of the Korean Wave to Minister Park Bo-kyun. Kang said, In recent years, domestic games are gradually expanding, but there is a limit that individual companies have to grasp their own legislative issues because there is no support system for local legislation or regulatory issues. If there is a platform that can be easily grasped, it will greatly help to expand the export of Korean Wave content.

The chairman of the association asked Park to allow all the services for the game of P & E (Play and Earn) games. In Korea, a game power, P & E game service is not possible based on chance and cashing, he said. Please provide guidelines and legal basis for P & E game services.

Kang said, The Labor Standards Act requires improvement to suit the characteristics of the game industry. He also said.

In addition, Kang said, The game industry has a relatively long production period and has a low success rate compared to investment.

The topic of the game industry meeting of the Minister of Culture and Industry was the P2E game. Outside the meeting, there were also one-person protests of individual investors who claimed to allow P2E games.

The official who attended the meeting evaluated that the contents were unfortunate. In the game industry, we just repeated the subjects that people who came out each time each time, he said.

Another official said, In the global market, the size of the Korean game industry is 4th and the blockchain industry is 3rd, but if you can’t combine it, you will be third, and you will be able to win first place. The government also wanted to work hard. He added, The minister replied that he would take care of it.

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