When can a virtual man who communicates with humans come out?

The last desire of mankind may create creatures that surpass human beings. There are humanoid robots and virtual humans on the journey. Among them, virtual humans are drawing attention as the cyber space based on the Internet, such as methuses, evolves. It has not yet contained emotions, but it also surpasses humans in many ways in virtual space. Rather, it may be a human role model in virtual space. From the history of virtual human beings, the current activities, the salary, and their status and abilities are diagnosed four times. [Editor]

④ Virtual man who resembles a human accident

Efforts to use virtual humans in various fields are continuing. The virtual human figure already looking at the screen has developed to a level that is difficult to distinguish from people in reality. There is also a prospect that virtual humans, beyond the unpleasant valley, will be active in a wider field.

The related industry already says that virtual humans have already surpassed the level we have known before.

Not only is the graphic quality improvement, but real-time rendering can be implemented in various movements and expressions in the opponent’s actions and commands. It is not just a virtual human being repeatedly repeated, but it is a foundation for becoming an object that exists and responds in the same place as me.

Shin Kwang-seop, general manager of Epic Games Korea, said, It was possible to express realistic virtual humans through computer graphics, but it was necessary for each scene to have tremendous effort and manual work. It takes a long time. Rendering allows you to make the image of a realistic person now efficiently and quickly.

Unity Korea’s Kim Bum-joo Evangelist also explained the development of the virtual human market in this context. There was a limit that virtual humans could not communicate with viewers in the past. But now, the power of the development engine is not required, so the production time and cost are reduced and real-time communication is possible. The fact that the degree of freedom is increasing is also noticeable.

Virtual man who thinks like a person beyond the resemblance

In addition to appearance, efforts to create virtual humans who think of human beings are actively performed in artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, virtual human industry officials predict that AI development will be the key to the next chapter of virtual human beings. It also means that the day is coming to face the existence that can be thought of as well as its appearance.

Unity Korea Kim Bum-ju Evangelist said, Another technology that supports the sustainability of virtual human beings is AI. AI is used in the realm of natural language perception and voice synthesis that allows virtual humans to talk to people. It’s a core technology that creates an immersion that is not distinguished from people.

This virtual man is more likely to be used to create new values, not the level of a person’s work, such as singers and models, beyond the platform and service. It’s a way to help users in games and methuses.

AI, which has developed larger than in the past… but still remains

The level of AI development, which can be used for virtual humans, has reached a much higher stage than the general public knows. This is an example of interactive AI Lambda, which has recently been a hot topic that Google Engineers have been conscious of their self-consciousness. Lambda wrote a paragraph about the story of ‘write an animal story on the theme of your life’.

In this regard, the current AI technology has made a rapid development compared to the initial, and to some extent, it is similar to the thinking that human beings can do. However, it is true that it has developed compared to the past, but there is still a step to go.

An official of NCsoft AI Lab said, AI these days can look at images, identify objects included in it, talk within learning knowledge, and summarize long sentences. It is a level that seems to be new by using the knowledge properly or mimicking the pattern partially. It is often not a person to do it naturally, and some parts are high, but the common sense is weak.

In addition, he explained that in order to become AI resembling humans, it must be a level that can build original thoughts or to have intrinsic feelings and subjective decisions.

The official said, Lambda wrote a story of his life in an old owl, but he wouldn’t have told him without a request to write an animal story from a person. At the right moment, I might have made another answer by talking about animals or identifying the intentions of the question.

Virtual man who began to affect our lives

The company’s movements to showcase services using virtual humans using AI are also active. It is not simply a viewer to encounter virtual humans, but is actually a day when you can work or get help with virtual humans.

Saltlux will showcase the service that produces virtual humans and uses it as a personnel. It is a service that AI supports virtual humans by selecting various voice and persona, and performs jobs such as sales, marketers, educational counseling, and personal assistants.

Park Jae-won, a subsidiary of Saltlux’s virtual human business, said, We planned a work center for two years and customized and maintained the counseling center ARS and chatbot business.The grievances of counselors and counselors were received as VOC. It will be solved and prepared for the service. As the STT, TTS, and dialogue algorithms are advanced compared to the past, this system is possible.


Deep Braineee is a company that is developing a virtual man after shooting a real person. It focuses on advancing the visual aspects of virtual humans, and recently launched a service that can talk with virtual humans in line with the input scenario.

Kim Kyung-soo, head of Deep Brain AI, said, We are developing virtual humans that solve the inconvenient valley and give people. The goal is to show another human being that can be harmonized between people.

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