Raft – Tangaroa tower code and puzzle passage

Players must solve a puzzle with the Raft Tangaroa Tower code to complete the part of the game dedicated to the Tangaroa tower. The puzzle includes a keyboard attached to a rescue boat that needs to be lowered into the water. To start a rescue boat, they need to choose the code for the keyboard. Nevertheless, here’s how to get the keyboard code of the Tangaroa tower and solve the puzzle.


How to solve the code puzzle of Tangaroa tower

To unravel the tango tower code, you need to find out the correct code which opens the keyboard on the top of the main tower on the island of Tangaroa. Fortunately, it is easy to solve the puzzle as soon as you get to the top of the tower. In short, you need to open your magazine and look at a note with several symbols and listing the names of the streets. The note depicts several places on the island in the following order:

  • Virtual arcade
  • Burger restaurant
  • Salon
  • Clothing store

All four places listed above will have a number indicated on the building. Taking all four numbers that you can find, you will receive 4813 as a keyboard code. Take this code to the top of the main tower, and you can enter it to launch a rescue boat.

where to find the code puzzle Tangora Tower

To find the riddle of Tangaroa’s tower, players need to enter Home Tower on the island of Tangaroa. You can get to the main tower using plantation elevato r after repair. Having fixed the elevator, you can get to the roof and use the cable car to get to the main tower. On the top floor you will find the code puzzle of the Tangaroa tower.

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