A hedgehog unbounded by the course, Sonic Frontier

Sega Publishing Korea has released the latest game information for the PlayStation5/PlayStation4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC software ‘Sonic Frontier’, scheduled to be released in winter 2022.

‘Sonic Frontier’ is an action-adventure that lets you freely traverse a vast island with Sonic’s unique supersonic action. The player leaves for a new stage with Sonic on the stage of the unknown island ‘Starfall Islands’ where ancient civilizations sleep.


The forgotten island in everyone’s memory, the Starfall Islands. Sonic, Amy, and Tails were headed for the Starfall Islands, following the reaction of the Chaos Emerald. When they reached the top of the island, a sudden anomaly occurred in the tornado and Sonic was sucked into the space-time gap in the sky and fell apart with the party.

Upon awakening, Sonic was thrown into a strange space. It’s a landscape I’ve seen before, but the digital world somehow feels uncomfortable… It was the ‘forebrain space’. Sonic, who somehow escaped from the ‘brain space’, wakes up on the island of Starfall Island, ‘Kronos Island’, where the ruins of ancient people are full of mysteries and reluctant enemies roam.

Guided by an unknown voice from somewhere, Sonic starts running to find his scattered comrades.


-Sonic the Hedgehog
The world’s fastest supersonic hedgehog, which does not lose to anyone as much as running. He reached the Starfall Islands in pursuit of the Chaos Emerald. In order to find his scattered comrades, he is busy following an unknown voice from somewhere.

A mysterious girl who appears wherever Sonic goes in the Starfall Islands. Warns Sonic to leave the island.

■Adventure Stage

-Kronos Island
The first island Sonic reaches within the Starfall Islands. It is an island with a lot of rain and wide grasslands, and it is characterized by large waterfalls and huge floating towers in the air. Ruins that seem to have been inhabited are scattered throughout, making it seem like an island where ancient people once lived.

■ Game System

-Evolution to the next-generation stage clear action game
This title is a next-generation game that has evolved from the stage clear method of the existing Sonic game to the field of ‘playable world map’ by expanding the play element to the ‘world map’ itself, which connects stages and controls the progress of the game. It is a stage clear action game.

-Playable world map ‘Open ZONE’
In the ‘Open ZONE’ of this title, which exists as a ‘playable world map’, you can enjoy omnidirectional high-speed gameplay that is not tied to the concept of the course by the gimmick installed on the map. The elements prepared as a ‘playable world map’ include ‘battle’, ‘mystery’, ‘side quest’, ‘brain space’, etc. You can freely enjoy these elements in your own order according to your play style.

■ Battle System

In this title, you can enjoy Sonic’s unique battles, such as sonic combos of successive techniques by making full use of various button operations. Combining ‘evasion’, ‘parry’, ‘counter’, and ‘special moves’ creates more depth in the battlefield and allows you to play using your technique to your heart’s content.

In addition, in this title, you can select ‘auto mode’, so you can automatically use various attack combos with one button. From gamers skilled in battle action to inexperienced gamers, anyone can easily enjoy high-speed combo action.

The Starfall Islands are roaming with unique enemies Sonic has never encountered before. Players must use a new battle system and abilities to take down these enigmatic enemies.

■ New action ‘Syloop’

A new action that creates a siege using bands of light that follow Sonic’s trajectory. Various effects appear depending on the target, such as an enemy, item, or area. If you utilize Sonic’s mobility and use the si-loop appropriately, it will shine brightly in the game’s strategy or escape from a crisis situation, and you will be able to feel the fun of the new Sonic series. Also, if you strengthen your skills, you may acquire a more sonic-like high-speed siege technique.

■ Riddle

Various devices are hidden in the remains of ancient civilizations scattered throughout the island. Solving the riddles not only gives you items that increase Sonic’s power or defense, but also unlocks the map to make it easier to attack, or new routes that allow you to move quickly around the island appear. The riddles vary from light brain tests to demanding action techniques to mini-game styles.

Also, solving the riddle makes the adventure easier, but with some exceptions, it’s not essential to the game, so let’s try it with a sense of taking a breather in high-speed action.

■ Forebrain Space

In the ruins scattered on the island, the entrance to the ‘brain space’ created by ancient civilizations is hidden. In the ‘brain space’ created by Parascience from Sonic’s memories, you can enjoy the conventional speedrun sonic game full of rush.
Let’s get a hint for moving forward by attacking this ‘forebrain space’!

■ Two operating styles

In this title, there are two control methods: ‘Action Style’ to enjoy accurate platform action, and ‘High Speed Style’ to enjoy the operability of existing Sonic games that are full of speed. Gamers who are unfamiliar with the Sonic series can rest assured because the easy-to-play controls can be selected for both field and brain space!

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