We tell you how to disable visit logs on iPhone

As technology advances, GPS options gradually grow because in Apple systems the different applications ask us individually for our location. However, there are some extra functions that are somewhat unknown to those who are not used to looking at the cell phone’s settings.

One of them is Important Places, which stores the user’s mobile location and is used in iOS applications, whether verified or somewhat dubious, a function that is somewhat unknown. However, there is a way to disable it in easy steps, so we will tell how you can protect your privacy from apps.

First you have to go to Settings, then privacy and finally location. In this menu we will individually put the applications to which we have decided to give our location. There are even four levels of privacy, from one that always allows without restrictions, one that prohibits and another that asks each time.

But moving to an option a little further down, after accessing location it is possible to enter system services. This is where the famous Important Places option appears. Which serves to remember the most frequently visited sites, where photos, maps and other interactions you have had with the phone are located.

To deactivate it, you just have to press the relevant option and you will be ready. It’s worth mentioning, that Apple recommends having it turned on to make the find my iPhone feature more accessible. Although if an application hacker accesses this information, he will be able to know where to locate us, it is a double-edged sword to take into account.

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