How to get exclusive gift cards Roblox (July 2022)

Are you looking for exclusive items that will be for few Robloxans? Take gift cards! Starting July 1, 2022 , Roblox added free bonuses for those who buy and use the Roblox gift card at any time for a month. These items include hats, glasses, backpacks, shoulder accessories and much more, and they can be unlocked only by entering the code indicated on the back of the corresponding gift cards Roblox. To find out which stores open what items, read our list below!

Party shops

These gift cards and items can be exchanged in many countries and purchased in several unique stores. If you are looking for even more free items, read our list of Roblox promotional codes!



  • Enamel pin from the sink of a scallop

Amazon ($ 10)

  • Bass hat

Amazon ($ 25)

  • Accessor for the back of the adventure kayak

Amazon ($ 50)

  • Set of fishing tackle

Amazon ($ 100)

  • Head of a fiery marshmallow

Best purchase

  • Enameled pin with a dolphin image

Big W (Australia)

  • Black parrot


  • Lobster friend


  • Golden necklace from shells

General dollar

  • Electric blue jellyfish


  • Sunglasses TOO COOL POPSICLE

H Gamestop

  • Mask Sea Star

Jb Hifi (Australia and New Zealand)

  • Crumpled hat hat from sand


  • Gray backpack Manta Ray (plus two free bonuses: friendly flying saucer + shirt A51)

Sainsbury’s (UK)

  • Back tie for an official beach party


  • A crustacean friend


  • Rusty headphones-illuminators


  • Friendly octopus

U. Kh. Smith (UK)

  • Neon shades of Rad Shell

Wolvirts (Australia)

  • Midnight mangler


These are all gift cards that can be used in July 2022! Let us know in the comments below, in which store, in your opinion, the coolest product.

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