The new posters of The Lord of the Rings: the power rings show the great villain

The Lord of the Rings: the power rings , the new and expected series bpower ringsed on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien that will be relepower ringsed in Amazon Prime Video On September 2, 2022 , it wpower rings recently seen with a spectacular trailer, now yes, which does justice to what is expected of the most series ambitious of history, at lepower ringst at the budget level. Now, we can take a new look at its main protagonists through a collection of posters unpublished and that we offer below, a series of promotional images that finally let us see what seems to be the villain From this first sepower ringson: Adar .

New images of The Lord of the Rings: The power rings

Thus, and although it hpower rings barely transcended information about the character of Adar , the lpower ringst rumors suggest that it is a corrupted elf that aims to be done with the domains of the Middle-earth. Now, and after just appearing in the lpower ringst trailer of the series, we finally have a detailed look how this new character will wear. A dark warrior who could end up being an important villain of the original work…

We will not have to wait long to discover the secret after this mysterious character, since the lord of the rings: the power rings premieres in prime video in just under two months. And thanks to this new series of promotional images we can enjoy the rest of the protagonists with individual posters for each of them.

Set thousands of years before the events of El Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, the series is bpower ringsed on the history of the Middle Earth J. R. R. Tolkien. It begins during an era of relative peace and covers all the main events of the second age of the Middle-earth: the forge of the power rings, the emergence of the dark Lord Sauron, the history of the island kingdom of Numbernor and the lpower ringst alliance between elves and men, we can read in its official synopsis .

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