The US passes through the 68 trillion won subsidy semiconductor support law

The US Senate will vote for the semiconductor industry development bill, which aims to subsidize $ 52 billion (about 68.5 trillion won) on the 19th (local time).

In particular, semiconductor design companies, which have expressed their opposition to the law, have also turned to support, according to Reuters and other major foreign media.

The US semiconductor industry development method is designed to cope with China’s semiconductor’s transition, which has recently emerged as a threatening being. Chinese companies have grown at a scary rate in the last five years, accounting for about 10% of the global semiconductor market.

However, the semiconductor industry development bill has been delayed due to the lack of democracy and republicans.

The Democratic Party is pursuing a reduced vote on the reduced bill (Chips bill), which aims to grant subsidies and tax deductions when semiconductor companies build factories in the United States or purchase related facilities.

The Senate will handle the bill as early as the 19th. Democrats and Republican parties are all in favor of the reduced semiconductor support law.

■ Semiconductor specialty companies are more expected in the House of Representatives’ FABS Act

However, semiconductor companies have also confronted this law.

Companies in charge of the production and design of semiconductor productions such as Intel, Texas Instruments (TI) and Micron Technology have been in favor. On the other hand, chip design companies such as AMD, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA have strongly criticized the law for benefiting only for manufacturers.

In particular, it has been pointed out that if this law is passed, Intel will benefit special. Intel recently announced that it would build a $ 20 billion semiconductor plant in Ohio, USA, and is expected to receive the most benefits if the bill is passed.

As a result, semiconductor design companies actively support the Facilitating American-Built Semiconductors Act, FABS Act.

The FABS Act is a semiconductor tax support legislation with a 25%tax deduction for semiconductor manufacturing, facilities, research and design investment in the United States. The bill stipulates that it directly supports semiconductor design activities.

However, foreign media said that semiconductor design specialists expressed their position that they did not oppose the Senate’s semiconductor support law at the great level.

According to the report, the US Semiconductor Industry Association said, The Senate’s Support Act does not give tax benefits to the semiconductor design.

AMD also expressed his intention to support the Senate Act, foreign media said.

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