LOL: Fire is saved from relegating by defeating Vipers Gaming in the Elements League.

The search for wanting to arrive at the Elements League has two contestants, a gaming vipers that has the possibility of being able to reach the Caribbean League, on the other hand Fire wants to keep its quota after having failed in the past split but wants to redeem in This series to prepare in the opening tournament and look for a better performance, we will have to see if there is a new team or stay in the League.

The first confrontation placed a kai’sa in the hands of Shado that puts pressure on the lower part of the map obtain an early advantage by overthrowing the rivals in the line phase, with this a gold difference was marked that helped to the Phoenix team to continue maintaining the advantage during team fights and with it they managed to settle the match in their favor.

During the second game we see a more even situation where the team of the vipers showed the fangs to hit some casualties to the birds of fire, at a point where the match of vipers is to finish the match would be ambushed by Mega ** With his Wukong to get the turn to the one who looked like the last fight but with this the situation changed in favor of fire who put the second point in the series.

The third map surprises with the selection of a nunu in the hands of Mega that managed to quickly reach the lanes giving an important advantage to Fire from the first minutes and with a coordinated teamwork they managed to take the pressure From the map to leave the snakes in bad position, the team fights were for the phoenix that gradually closed the game in their favor and take the series.


Like the birds that resurface we see the Fire team that manages to revive and maintain its quota within Elements League after a tremendous 3 that they achieve before the squad of the vipers, now they will have to consider how Improve to avoid this bitter drink again next year, on the other hand Vipers Gaming will seek to repeat the feat of this tournament to search for the league.

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