Wandering – will the cat die at the end?

If you are worried about our expensive cat’s main character in the Tramp and wondering: Will he die in the end? Well, we have an answer for you.

The next leadership will explain what is actually happening with the cat at the end of the game. You will also learn how to unlock the achievement of no more lives, which, as it were, is connected with the health of a cat.

Cat dies in a tramp?

I believe yes… but also not. It depends on how you really ask. If you ask if the cat is really dying at all, then yes.

Stray has many dangerous situations that pose a threat to our dear cat, if he receives enough damage during these meetings, he will die, although not forever. At any time of the game, the cat may die, but can also be revived at the previous control point.

If you ask, is the cat really dying forever? Then the answer would not be. Our cat’s main character, fortunately, is experiencing a story to tell his story. Yes, he receives injuries throughout history, but later he can restore his health.


In the final, wandering our cat runs out of the city, it would seem, unharmed.

How to unlock the achievement of no more likes in Stray

Getting this trophy is quite simple. All you need to do is die a total of nine times at any time of the game. As the world proverb says: The cat has nine lives. This achievement complements this specific statement. Again, you can die at any time in the game, but if this happens nine times, you will get an achievement.

You will receive the first chance to fulfill this achievement during chapter 2: A dead city, especially during the pursuit of Zurich, where you need to run away from deadly beetles.

All you need to do is instead of escaping, letting them kill you nine times. You can continue to press X (on the PlayStation) to be reborn after death, and as soon as you reach the threshold, you will receive the achievement of no more lives.

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