Why in the script Cave Man in Live A Live there are no written dialogs?

There are many different dialogs in Live A Live. Since each chapter occurs at different times, players can expect a new experience with each new section. Due to the small sequence in the gameplay in the chapters, in addition to the plot, players who like different game mechanics will like different parts of this game.

In the background of the game, written dialogs are completely absent. This is because of the period of time in which this happens . Since the player and surrounding NPC are based on cave people, there are no written dialogs that players could read during interaction with others.

Why in the script Cave Man in Live A Live there is no conversational dialogue?

For the same reasons, there is no conversational dialogue in the background. Caves have not yet formed the language and communicate only with the help of grunts, sounds and symbols. This may complicate the navigation and completion of the chapters. The chapter of the backstory has several puzzles and craft mechanics that can be a real pain without a voiced dialogue.


What chapters can you choose in Live A Live?

Live A Live has seven chapters that players can choose at the beginning of the game. The full list of chapters can be found below.

background *
Wild West
Near future
Far future
Twilight Edo Japan
Imperial China
* Present day

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