The second set of summer sales with a maximum of 80%off for PS4/PS5. A large number of games such as Gran Turismo 7 and Tales of Alise are advantageous

The second summer sale for PS4/PS5 is being held on PS Store today. The period is basically until 23:59 on August 17 (exception). This sale is a large-scale sale with up to 80%off, from large titles to indie works. In this article, I will pick up the hot title from among the subjects.

First of all, domestic titles include Gran Turismo 7 and Tales of Alise. In addition, you can purchase additional content recorded versions of popular titles at a low price.

Gran Turismo 7
・ 60 or more automobile brands around the world ・ Real driving simulator containing 34 locations and 97 layout courses in addition to 400 vehicles and more than 400 vehicles.
・ PS5 version 6604 yen/24 % off (store drink)
・ PS4 version 5540 yen/27 % off (store drink)

Tales of Arise (PS4/PS5)
・ Action RPG to collaborate with a beautiful graphic that combines anime expression and watercolor painting and a new system Boost Strike
・ 4827 yen/45 % off, PS Plus subscriber 4388 yen/50 % off (store link)

Scarlet Nexus (PS4/PS5)
・ Brain punk action RPG that allows you to experience the super brain power action that makes full use of your mind and the story developed from the two protagonists.
・ 4961 yen/45 % off, PS Plus subscriber 4510 yen/50 % off (store link)

Nier Replicant Ver.1.2247487139… (PS4)
・ Action RPG depicting the beginning of the world of Nier: Automata, released in 2017, based on Nier Replicant released in 2010
・ 4290 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Death Stranding Director’s Cut (PS5)
・ Released in 2019 Remaster version of new episodes, new weapons, vehicles, buildings, etc. to the PS4 version Death Stranding
・ 5451 yen/16 % off (store drink)

SEKIRO: Shadows Die TWICE (PS4)
・ High difficulty action adventure that fights using the sword on the right hand and the left-handed ninja as the stealth of the arms.
・ 4180 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Tenho no Sakunahime (PS4)
・ Japanese-style action RPG that combines a combo action that fights against the demon that controls the island and a simulation element that deeply reproduces rice building
・ 2458 yen/25 % off (store drink)

Demon Blade Hinokami Blood Fan (PS4/PS5)
・ Solo play mode that relives the story of the anime Demon Blade as Kamamon Karuo, an action adventure that records a 2-2 Versus mode that can also compete online.
・ 5434 yen/35 % off (store drink)

Rockman Zero & Zex Double Hero Collection (PS4)
・ Equipped with a 2D action that contains a total of 6 works, the Rockman Zero series and the Rockman Zex series, and a new mode Z Chaser that competes for clear time.
・ 1476 yen/63 % off (store drink)

Camp Soul Angkor (PS4)
・ Remake of Kazumi Soul released in 2004 in modern style, and also supports full HD and gyro operation

・ 2464 yen/30 % off (store drink)

A variety of works are also sold in overseas titles. It is a chance to purchase a new action TREK TO YOMI released in May this year and the open world action HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST released in February.

・ Action game featuring the full-length monotone visuals that go on a battle for battle as a samurai in Japan in the feudal era
・ 1617 yen/30 % off (store drink)

Horizon Forbidden West
・ Open world action that fights with mechanical beasts using bow and spears in western United States 1000 years later
・ PS5 version 6604 yen/24 % off (store drink)
・ PS4 version 5540 yen/27 % off (store drink)

・ Soccer game that supports online play that contains more than 17,000 players, 700 or more teams, more than 30 leagues.
・ PS5 version 2910 yen/70 % off (store drink)
・ PS4 version 1479 yen/83 % off (store drink)

Cyber Punk 2077 (PS4/PS5)
・ Open world action that fights using the future huge cities and the future weapons and cyberware
・ 3685 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Daiing Light 2 Stay Human (PS4/PS5)
・ In a world full of zombies, open world action that uses the height difference with a parcel skill
・ 5881 yen/33 % off (store drink)

・ Open World Action Series 2nd World Action Series, which runs around the city of New York as a Spider-Man
・ 4478 yen/31 % off (store drink)

Back 4 BLOOD (PS4/PS5)
・ Cooperative FPS that fights zombies using a variety of weapons, items, and parks, online cooperation play with four people and PVP mode that divides them into humanity and zombies.
・ 3861 yen/55 % off (store drink)

Returnal (PS5)
・ Roglike TPS where fields and available weapons change each time the game is over, on unknown planets where there is no concept of death
・ 6604 yen/24 % off (store drink)

・ Includes an open world action set in the Kamakura period, which protects the people of Tsushima from the invasion of Mongolia, including the additional scenario Ikinotan and the online cooperation mode Ukin Kitan in addition to the main story.
・ 5540 yen/27 % off (store drink)

No Man’s Sky (PS4/PS5)
・ Sandbox game that explores and develops the universe where planets of 1800 or more are expanded
・ 3025 yen/50 % off (store drink)

The second summer sale of PS Store is being implemented until August 17th. There are many other titles besides here, so please check the sale page for details.

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