Pokemon Scarlet Violet is a new video, and Sibildon stands. Nyaoha is the same as Denki Upokemon

Pokemon Co., Ltd. released a 3rd trailer of Pokemon Scarlet Violet (Pokemon SV) on August 3. In the video, it introduces a number of new elements, such as the vast world of the Pardea region, new Pokemon, and battle systems in the Paldea region (related articles). And the surprising Pokemon that appeared in this trailer is attracting attention. The Pokemon is Denkuo Pokemon Sibildon, which appears for a moment in the trailer.

  • The corresponding scene is 1: 53 in the video

Sibildon is the first Pokemon of the Denki-type Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Black White, and is the final form of the evolution of Sibishirasus and Sibibun. Sibildon, reminiscent of eel, but intimidating, was expressed in 2D when it first appeared and was drawn on a straight walk.

However, in Pokemon X / Y, it came to float in the air in 3D. It would be conscious of Civildon’s Fuyu. Also, in 2D, the body that draws the S-shape has become straight and narrow, making it more fish-like. To put it simply, it was transformed into a somewhat weak impression. Some players ridiculed such 3D-converted Civildon as carp streamer.

This time, the unpopular Sibildon 3D model became new and appeared in the 3rd trailer of Pokemon SV. The new Sibildon is walking bipedal, and the players who have noticed this are responding that Sibildon has stood.


As far as the reaction is, the Pokemon SV’s Civildon model seems to be popular. In fact, the impression of a weak Pokemon is hidden in the shadow, and the profile feels dignified somewhere. It is also convinced that the dot painting Civildon will be accepted by the player who has been thoughtful. I would like to look forward to the new success of Denkio Pokemon, which has become a brave outfit.

As an aside, before the release of the new video on August 3, the new Pokemon Nyaoha, which appears in Pokemon SV, was also a hot topic. The new Pokemon, Nyaoha, was saying, Don’t stand and stand. In Pokemon, most of the three Pokemon, the so-called three families that have appeared in the series so far, are mostly two-legged in the final evolution system. At first, Pokemon, which looked adorable in four-legged walking, became strict. Therefore, there were voices that hoped that they would not stand over Nyaoha, and the opinion that they were standing upright. Therefore, the trends of Nyaoha were attracting attention during the release of the new information.

As a result, the costume Nyaoha showed a bipedal. Before publishing the game video, it is a production production. However, it is suspicious whether this is standing. After all, in the gameplay video, there is no appearance of Nyaoha’s evolution, and it is not clear at this stage whether Nyaoha will eventually stand or not. As a result, whether Nyaoha stand or no standing was an inexplicable result. Probably, as an interpretation as a game, not standing yet seems to be correct. For the time being, let’s do it because Sibildon stood.

  • The corresponding scene starts from 9:02

Pokemon SV will be released on November 18. The package version will start accepting reservations today on August 4th. The download version is currently accepting popular reservations at Nintendo E Shop. The price is 6578 yen including tax for each package version, and 6,500 yen including tax for each download version. Let’s make a reservation by Civildon fans.

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