Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: These are the new official creatures, with tribute to the Ensaimadas

The Pokémon present has helped us to learn about a lot of information about scarlet and purple Pokémon. A game that will have many news and changes that have been asking for a while. We will have new gyms, a way to explore the Paldea region (inspired by Spain and Portugal) and, of course, many new creatures.

We had already met the initial Pokémon and the legendary creatures. And also to some adorable olive-shaped Pokémon , representing how it is sent to Españita. Now, coinciding with the new trailer and all the news of the game, we have met three new family members, whom we will have to capture and evolve to get everyone.

The new scarlet and purple Pokémon


So, so that you do not lack anything, we are going to collect all the information of the three new creatures that we will see in scarlet and purple, from the official website.

They are called Cetitan, Wooper de Paldea and Fidough. We must admit that we feel predilection for the latter, since it seems inspired by the lady of Elche… or by a ensaimada. In any case, we love it.

These are three of the many creatures that we will find in Paldea, a delivery that has the peculiarity that its open world will let us start where we want and in the gym we want . In addition, we can also fly and swim, giving more verticality to the work.

The release date of scarlet and purple Pokémon will be on November 18, 2022, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It can already be reserved from eShop.

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