Will inflation affect the price of iPhone 14?

Inflation is something that has affected much of our life in the last year. While some products are expected to increase in price, a new filtration has indicated that this will not be the case with the iPhone 14 input, which would retain a price similar to what is seen with the previous Apple model.

According to a filtration by Macrumors, The basic iPhone 14 will retain the price of $ 799 dollars we saw with the iPhone 13. This would also mark the second consecutive year in which we do not see an increase in the entrance price For Apple cell phones. Of course, this is not official information, so the final plans could be different.

Although the price of the basic iPhone 14 is expected to be maintained, it has also been mentioned that The prices of the pro and Max Pro versions will have an increase , this mainly due to the use of better chips. We only have to wait and see what Apple’s plans will have for the new cell phones models.

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Editor’s note:

Considering that inflation has stuck quite strong in various markets, it is good to see that some products will maintain its price. Although $ 799 dollars remains a high entrance price, at least it was not $ 899 dollars that were surely considered within some point.

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