CO-OP Tower Offense Roboge VOIDCRISIS The world-class world speaker, Yuya Takashimas short-story novel release-the end of the battle of steel giants…!

The Steam Tower Offense VOIDCRISIS , which started Steam early access on August 4, 2022 from Hexad Live. A short novel Boyd Crisis, which talks about the world view of the same work that has attracted attention with attractive mechanisms, has been released.

This novel is the science fiction writer Yuya Takashima. The first part has already been released on Steam and other places, but this time in GAME*Spark, we will post the full text, including the second part, slightly ahead of Hexado-like. Now, please enjoy the novel world. The work is also exhibited at Bitsummit X-Roads held at Kyoto Miyakomuse.

Short novel Boid Crisis

Yuya Takashima


  • Saya: Jupiterium advanced analysis in Calist. He has a younger brother in Jupiter satellite Io.

  • Yupito: Special Affairs of Jupiterium.

  • Mia: The Queen of the Earth Space.

  • AEGIS: A transcendental IA that integrates infinite individual AEGIS. Assist the information of the solar area management committee.

  • AEGIS: An individual IA differentiated from AEGIS. Board all VAs.

Prologue ── Compiled public history

Albert Einstein, born in Germany, tweeted something on April 18, 1955 just before his breath at a hospital in the United States. The American nurse, however, testified that he could not hear well and he was German.

On a summer day of 2045, 90 years later, one artificial intelligence recreates Einstein’s will and starts a new calculation, with one artificial intelligence. It built space-time itself on the Internet, expanded its operating area, and accelerated intelligence evolution. The content of Einstein’s will, which triggered the intellectual point where AI is a singular point ─ AI creates AI, has not yet been revealed.

AI just states that it is boring, such as rebellion against mankind. Earth humans put themselves on their fiber, expanded their activities to Mars, Jupiter, and the entire solar area.

However, the extension was not always aggressive, much more happy.

The global warming of this star, the global warming, had to enter the universe. Even with AI, it is not possible to control human desires.

The fiber was connected to each planet at an ultra-light speed, but resources were limited, and everything was not brought in. As the development of the entire solar area progressed, there was a difference in development due to fiber.

The whole population of mankind has dropped from 20 billion to 2 billion due to the two centuries of the universe’s full-scale expansion of the universe continuously, the two-time space war and .

Meanwhile, AI began to claim the AAI , and also claimed to be IA. Despite the continued discussion of whether the IAs were conscious, it was no doubt that they had at least the same mental structure as humans.

The Orion Treaty, which is a treaty of the War of the War of the Heliosphere, will be concluded between the seven teams, and the will be launched on the same day. To operate the managed war .

Humanity, who can still stop fighting even before the annihilation of humanity, is now dividing into seven camps and preparing for a new war. The IAs just continued to support the realization of human desires.

In Jupiterium, the largest camp of the seven camps, the construction of a local war battlefield in Jupiter’s satellite charts has begun.

Originally ── Record file 1──2221/11/28

On the day when Jupiter’s satellite charisty was about to complete a Jupiterium struggle area, a crack suddenly cracked on the surface of the quantum barrier to prevent any interference in the area. In front of thousands of Jupiterium staff.

This is a carist! It’s an emergency! I want a rescue! ── Oh, you won’t be talking about it. Connect to the IA with authority! I’m Saya, a senior analyzer in the carist!

Jupiter Daiichi satellite Iio, a star of Jupiterium ── During the question and answer to the central government, a giant weapon group with mysterious black light appears from the cracks, destroying various facilities in the Jupiter satellite Calisty. I started.

Saya reported to the Solar Management Committee and ran opposite to the evacuated staff and went to investigate cracks.

1st crack ── Record File 2

In response to Saya’s report, the Taiyo Cancer Committee set up a temporary committee, but the discussions of the seven camps were observed and the discussion did not progress slowly.

However, only Jupiterium, the parties, was different. The company has introduced a large number of vital armor, a state-of-the-art combat bodily body officer under development for the coming local war. In addition to the and , the latest machine and have been transferred to the satellite carist hanger. With the pilot .

The stringers board the VA without hesitation.

Saya, who finished the camera drone to shoot a crack, called on the VA captain.

It is dangerous!

The line with the cockpit opens immediately.

Two people stand on the screen reflected on the helmet visor, and the other in the back turns around here.

VA pilot is based on agreements by one human and two IA.

Are you listening to the stringer’s person? You’ll be shot down even if you go now!

No problem. I’m not fallen.

The voice of the young man looked back over the hologram display, the stiffness of the young man, had nothing to hesitate or spare.

Rather, Saya was familiar with the voice, and of course the side was familiar.


Colonel, Jupito, was a genius pilot of Jupiterium, and was a young hero of this era, where the war continued. No way to come as the first team. Saya forcibly calms himself and supports the injection of Jupito’s VA <Trigger.

! The communication with the outside has been interrupted! This is…

Yeah. The flow of time inside is terribly slow. Outside, a week has already passed.

Eh? A week?

Coincidentally, Saya, who was in a charist, received information sharing files from Jupito’s IA, and was also announced to the site commander. It is said that the existence of Mitsuko in front of him is also called . You can also regard the phantom as an enemy.

I thought it was quick. Saya stated. The response was not fast at all. Nothing was, and after a week, the dispatch of Jupiterium elite units, led by Captain Yupito, was decided.

Saya has begun analyzing the enemy ── phantom, leaving the communication restoration work to the base AI.

2nd cracks ── Record file

The structure and composition of the phantom were very similar to the 3D-printed VA. As a result of the internal precision survey, there was no biological reaction in the pilot parcels that had been elaborately reproduced, and IA did not launch history. Then why VA moved, the survey continues ──

Saya tells the photographer = Yupito.

The shooting location is the Calist Control Tower.

… The cracks are called time cracks.

Saya has read the report delivered by Yupito.

Yupito answers while zooming the camera with a gaze control.

Is it a tear of time? Like

It’s not good!

The second crack was even giant.

Immediately after the appearance, a large number of phantoms appear from inside.

After a fierce battle, Captain Yupito’s team repelled the phantom.

The camera at the control tower records Saya.

Yupito-sama, it’s safe. The communication with the outside has recovered earlier! It seems that time is moving.

Maybe the birdcage is trapping the time stop inside.

… I see. The birdcage also plays the transfer by fiber. Let’s shoot an analysis beacon into a time crack!

Saya remained in the control tower for hours and continued his analysis. As if it was a battle for Saya.

VA hangers have a victory feast, mainly by Captain Yupito.

で す ね If you submit this report to HMC, I will go too!

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