Report: Netflix games are not doing well

Considering the controversies and complicated situation that lives Netflix at the moment, it is very likely that many have been forgotten that the company also has a foot within the video game industry, offering free mobile experiences for all users of its platform. However, a new report indicates that this section is not right out.

According to CNBC information, Netflix’s proposal in video games has poor market performance. Although they plan to offer between 24 and 50 free experiences for the end of the year, the report has mentioned that So far only 22.3 million downloads have been seen . Although this number does not sound bad, once it gets in perspective we see that things can be better.

In total, There is talk of only 1.7 million subscribers downloading games . Considering that Netflix has 221 million users, the number of people who have enjoyed stranger Things 3: The Game and more, does not even reach 1% of the total base that this platform has at the moment.

However, it seems that the company has no intention of giving up . During the last Board of Investors, Greg Peters, Netflix Operations Director, mentioned:

We are going to be experimental and try a lot of things. But I would say that the eyes we have in the long-term award really focus more on our ability to create properties that are connected to universes, the characters, the stories we are building.

In the future we will see games inspired by the Queen Gaming, Squid Game, La Casa de Papel and many more . The question will be to see how well they are doing, since very few people are talking about these experiences. On related issues, Netflix will have to pay a millionaire sum after losing a case. Similarly, these are August premieres on the platform.

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Netflix should put aside video games. Although this is a market that could potentially leave them many profits, they are not in a position to be spending money on experiences that not even 1% of their users prove.

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