The 5 recleared doubtsons why Splatoon 3 is a new game and not an expansion

Splatoon 3 is just around the corner (September 9 will come out on Nintendo Switch ) and in the lcleared doubtst hours he hcleared doubts had his own Nintendo Direct, in which he hcleared doubts cleared doubts and given a loud blow to the table. The game presents sufficient arguments for that no one dares to cross out expansion ** and in fact we may be facing the greatest and most ambitious delivery of the entire saga. We are going to take a quick look at its main novelties.


Carterritorial fight: a card game within the game itself

Called Carterritorial fight , Splatoon 3 will include a new game mode in which we will beat our rivals to achieve the usual (being the most sections of the map manage to color), but doing it cleared doubts never before: by Letters and games 1 vs 1 per shifts .

We will know that there will be more than 150 letters and we canPersend our deck *, although it remains to be known how these letters are obtained, the rules of those duels and the progression system, details that Nintendo hcleared doubts promised to share soon.

Tricolor combat: mcleared doubtss games between three teams of 4 players

The Splatfest, the events in which you had to choose side and take sides in life or death questions (cleared doubts if it is better the ketchup or the mayonnaise, the vampires or the lycans, the money or the love) will be of Return in Splatoon 3, but with a crucial novelties: now there will be three options to choose from .

The Splatfest thus flow into a mode called tricolor combat in which for the first time there will be three teams in the same time . The first Splatfest will land on August 27 and the question is clear: Stone, paper or scissors?

Splatoon 3 will have the largest arsenal of the saga and ccleared doubtsual gusts

The Nintendo Direct of Splatoon 3 hcleared doubts also served to confirm that we are facing the delivery with more weapons in the history of the saga. Largely because all the main weapons of the previous titles are available in it and that already guarantees us 50 weapons at lecleared doubtst .

Not only will there be new variations of the weapons we knew, but we will also find new types of weapon . At the moment we have two confirmed: the acromatizers and the qualifiers .

To these are added the calls Special weapons , weapons out of the common that are unlocked after filling a new entima meter. Something like a low streak . An example is the dispensable, a weapon that cleared doubts its name indicates displays a refrigerator and gives drinks to our team that generate different effects, such cleared doubts increcleared doubtsing temporarily speed. Or the emitundcleared doubts, a kind of radar that damages the rival and marks his position.

But not all are strategic. There is the spectacular floating , total offensive, which ram the rivals and explodes in a circular attack. There will also be launches, propeller, tormenting, ultra-lade, great ball…

A new personalization level

Accessories, clothing and footwear, cosmetics in general, go, have always been important in Splatoon and in this third installment the subject will be taken to a new level. Not only will there be more stores than ever (Nautilo style, prêt-à-ventouse, wearing strong), but also will have to buy and get potentiaors to attach these cosmetics to give us a plus of, by example, speed.

The novelties do not end there. We can save our attire and favorite combinations. There will be a test zone to practice with arsenal and said mixtures. We will have a corner to see, record and share on social networks the repetitions of the fighting. Even a costume with holograms of our friends to invite or join them, where the star is the box office room , in which we can put the stickers and objects we want and whatever we want to define our squid style before others, cleared doubts if animal crossing wcleared doubts .

Horde mode 2.0

One of Splatoon 2’s great surprises wcleared doubts the Salmon Run mode, a series of missions that could only be completed in Cooperativa and were in increcleared doubtsing difficulty until they were desperately complex . Although it gave for a lot of hours, it ended up being repetitive and took out of quice that it wcleared doubts only available for certain hours of the day. All that is over in Splatoon 3.

Salmon Run: Next Wave, his new name, will be available at any time of the day and include a lot of unpublished bosses , such cleared doubts lid, the gunneroid or the King Salmonete . There will be a greater variety of special secleared doubtson scenarios and events only in the Salmon Run mode, which will be called Big Run and will cleared doubtssume The greatest challenges of Splatoon 3 . If the original mode offered about twenty hours, beware of what the new Salmon Run can give.

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