Announced the trampoline brawl action Vikings on Trumpolines. A big adventure while jumping with a trampoline, a new work by the developer of OWLBOY

Developer D-Pad Studio announced on August 12 the action game Vikings on Trumpolines . The compatible platform is PC (Steam) and console, and the distribution time is undecided.

  • Announced through overseas media IGN.

Vikings on Trumpolines is an action game using trampoline. In addition to solo play, it will support local cooperation and play play with up to four people. The main character of this work is Viking Warriors. In one of the recording game mode, the adventure mode aims to defeat the Balloonie bad guys and his children, help the king and save the kingdom.


On the stage, various environments and boss stages that are deployed with horizontal scrolling appear. And there are always multiple trampoline. In this work, it seems to be a gameplay that jumps with a trampoline, hits the enemy in the air, or uses items installed on the stage.

The important thing in this work is that players need to keep jumping with trampoline. If you land in a place where there is no trampoline, you will make a mistake and your physical strength will be reduced. Depending on the stage, the trampoline is a roller coaster, rotates like a windmill, or moves greatly by boss attacks, so it is necessary to capture the trampoline accurately. It is said that this work uses a simple and intuitive operation that can be played with only one hand.

This work also includes Versus mode where you can enjoy local matches. Again, fight while continuing to jump with trampoline. In the trailer, there are scenes where a large ball scores the goal and competes for scoring. In the screenshot, you can check the scenes that seem to be jumping rope using a burrow of the thorns. Some match rules seem to be prepared.

D-Pad Studio, who works on this work, is known as the developer of the highly evaluated action adventure game OWLBOY. The carefully drawn dot picture visuals and the cute character design in Vikings on Trumpolines are likely to be unique to the studio.

This work was originally prototyped as a small experimental project, and was awarded Nordic Games Indie Sensation Award in 2011. After releasing OWLBOY in 2016, he decided to return to the idea of this work and proceed with the development in earnest (IGN).

Vikings on Trumpolines is under development for PC (Steam) and console. The delivery time is undecided.


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