How to get a free Dragon Ball Z glider in Fortnite and collect all seven Dragon Balls

It would not be Dragon Ball Z if there was no way to collect Dragon Balls and call the eternal dragon, Shenron. Fortnite may have loaded the Dragon Ball Z/Super event with expensive skins, but there is also a way to earn a free glider. Here is a breakdown of steps associated with a weekly quest.

How to unlock the Shenron glider in Fortnite

The Dragon Ball Power Unleashed quest is aimed at increasing your level of strength and obtaining Dragon Balls. They will open various mini-halves, and all seven unlock Shenron as a glider.


  • Perform three preparatory quests-the dragon pearls.
  • Open Capsule Core-4m Energy
  • Visit a familiar training site-Energy 3M
  • Buy an item in a Dragon Ball sales machine-2m Energy
  • Destroy objects using a Camahameh-5m energy
  • Distance traveled to Nimbus Cloud-5m Energy
  • Watch Dragon Ball Super at the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival festival-2m Energy

Sparring practice

  • Perform three quests Sparring Practice-Pearl of the Dragon.
  • Join the Battle of Versus in different matches-2m energy
  • Cause damage to the enemy player before getting damage in different matches-3M energy
  • Damage to enemy players with the help of a Camhameh-4 m of energy.
  • Win the Battle of Versus-5 million energy

Power training

  • Perform three quests Power Training-Pearl of the Dragon.
  • Push giant boulders or pine logs-Energy 3M
  • Destroy 10 objects with one attack of Kamehameh-5 million energy

  • Use Kamehameha to destroy a small machine-energy 3m
  • Cause damage to opponents in one match-2m energy

training in dexterity

  • Perform three quests for teaching dexterity-Dragon pearls.
  • Pass the mushroom-shaped obstacle strip-4m energy
  • Complete the test for the time in the desert-4m energy
  • Cause damage to opponents during sliding-2m energy
  • Cause damage to opponents within five seconds after running-2m energy

Endurance Training

  • Perform three tasks for endurance training-the dragon pearls.
  • Survive the phases of the storm-2 million energy
  • Get 150 shields in different matches-2M energy
  • Land at Logjam Lotus, then climb the highest point in Shifty Shafts-3M energy.
  • Collect capsules on the adventure island of Dragon Ball-3M Energy
  • Collect the dragon pearl on the island of the adventure of the dragon pearl-4m Energy

Focus training

  • specified


* specified

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