Where to locate the crow in Grounded

Complying with the August update in Grounded, gamers currently have a new problem to solve in the backyard. It’s a bird. It’s a huge creature that should not be also difficult to discover, however it’s a surprisingly huge area for somebody’s court.

You can find the crow hanging from the bird’s bathroom in the southern component of the map. It’s over the ground, near bushes. The crow is hectic nibble on the berries that you have actually most likely cut the branches which you actively use in your various dishes at your base. The bird can likewise strike the most significant crawlers, because they most likely appreciate them as a delicious snack. The crow will fly away after a while, nonetheless.


The place of the bird is likewise valuable to you since you can utilize its plumes in a number of dishes. The crow being one of the initial brand-new creatures added to the video game, we can anticipate even bigger pets to show up in the future.

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