The latest development video release of Battlefield 2042, which is scheduled to open Season 2 in September -Predictions of the introduction of a military system from Season 3

DICE has released a development update in August 2022 for the latest work in the series, Battlefield 2042 (Battlefield 2042). Introducing a part of the content of the content that the development team is currently working on.

As a change in core gameplay, it has been decided to introduce a military system from Season 3. The existing specialists will be divided into four departments, and in addition to certain class equipment, gadgets and throws set for each department will be selected and equipped. In addition, the model update implemented in the update 1.2 will be further improved.

Next, the weapons used in Portal have appeared as a storage weapon that can be used in All-Out Warfare. M16A3 and M60E4 of Battlefield 3 are introduced as weapons that can be used since the start of Season 2. The number of types will increase in the future.


In Season 2, a major rewake of the map Orbital and Renewal will be implemented. In the video, we introduce while comparing the changes of each map. The new map that appears in Season 2 seems to be a small layout focusing on infantry.

The company plans to expand content in various aspects, such as new specialists, PORTAL content, and battle passes. Season 2 of Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to open in September 2022.

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