How to play Rhythm of the Great Dream in Genshin Impact

It is known that Genshin Impact includes some musical minijuegos in the missions, including several adventures in the last map of Sumeru. In this guide we tell you How to touch the rhythm of the great dream , the first song you will have to learn for the search for Aranyaka. In addition, this minigame will prepare you for other musical compositions that you will need to play in the future.

How to play Rhythm of the Great Dream in Genshin Impact

Source: Mihoyo through Genshin Impact

The Rhythm of the Great Dream minigame will occur during the Misshin Impact’s Missions that can be unlock when you explore the way between Gandharva Town and Vimara Village. During this time, you will find a strange arch known as Phantasmal Gate, where you must play a song with Vintage Lyre to wake it up.

This instrument will be delivered from an earlier mission and must equip it with your inventory. Once you start the musical minigame, you must touch the right notes to complete this task. You will see a green circle in one of the upper slots, in which you must keep the ‘climbing key’ pressed to reach this specific location.

While holding the button, press these notes:

  • FA
  • medium
  • so
  • FA
  • do


Rhythm of the Great Dream is a relatively easy song that does not require players to take the time of their actions, so don’t worry too much about touching the wrong note. In addition, after going through this minigame, you will have to play this song a few more times to awaken ancient stones and advance the search for Aranyaka.

That is all you need to know about How to play rhythm of the great dream . If you want more Genshin Impact content, you can check the relevant links below and see our guides on how to find and beat Electro Regisvine, how to investigate the Courtyard in the corridor, all dendro reactions and where to get Sumeru Roses.

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