NVIDIA CEO, GeForce price, similar to console… What does it mean?

NVIDIA has always felt that the average selling price of GeForce graphics cards should be close to the price of the game console.

NVIDIA’s CEO of Jensen Hwang is eye-catching with the long-term price policy of GeForce products. The remarks came during the 3Q fiscal year 2023 (May-July 2022).

In the Q & A session on the day, questions were asked if the average sales price (ASP) of the GeForce product line, which had been increased for two years due to the cryptocurrency trend, could fall in the future. Jensen Hwang replied, If the impact of cryptocurrency disappears, it will fall (once), but in the long term and overall trend, the ASP will rise little by little.

Jensen Hwang pointed to the price of the game console as a comparison. The price of the game console, which had been $ 99 in the past, has risen steadily, reaching $ 599 these days. This is because the utilization of the game console is superior to the past. The current game console is a high entertainment tool, and once you buy it, you will use it for a long time.

According to Jensen Hwang, the GeForce graphics card plays almost the same role as the console. Therefore, the price should be similar. Hwang said, GeForce is like the game console in the PC. And NVIDIA has always believed that GeForce’s ASP should be similar to the average sales price of the game console. So the average selling price of GeForce products is about $ 500.

In the long run, it is explained that if the average price of the gaming console rises, the price range of the GeForce GPU series will also increase.

But of course, the price of GeForce is not set only with reference to the game console. There are a few more elements that affect prices. Jensen Hwang said, For example, the GeForce GPU is used for cloud gaming services. (Omitted) The GeForce Graphics Card also functions as a content production work station for graphic designers.

Jensen Hwang said, There are many influences that affect the price of the ASP of GeForce. And this trend has been observed in recent years. Therefore, in terms of answers, the price of GeForce graphics cards will mean that it will draw a similar upward curve as it is, except for fluctuations due to the influence of cryptocurrency trends.

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