The Last of Us: Parte I

It is possible to try to make graphs, numbers and pull calculator to give an objective point of view of a video game. Metacritic, with its weighted and a half numbers layer is there, and is a tool that illuminates a lot of debates. When I was a kid, I constantly wondered about my 5 best movies, series and video games that I had met, and I was terrified to leave me out something better than something else, trying a lot to search my mind.

Now, with a good handful of years of life, that mental list has gone to a better life. I remember a question made to my good friend and partner of 3DJUGOS Alex Pascual in his podcast the nexus , which dealt with the method of analysis of video games of him. Specifically, he was asked if he made use of a notebook in which to aim ideas.

Alex said that he sometimes tried, but that a while ago he concluded that once he faced the blank page, everything worthwhile was going to be right in the head of the . What really matter to tell, would have made a hole in his memory. And beyond debates on artificial intelligences, the script or certain concrete decisions, we will agree that The Last of Us is one of those games that are recorded over our brains.

They debate the need for the game who need it less

There has been a lot of talk about whether the last of us part I was necessary . The cards on the table: I am a player who already enjoyed The Last of Us Remastered on PS4, and that usually returns from so much in terms of the title. I say it because I do not know if I am the person indicated to speak for the people who have never played Remaster, or even the original work.


The price is there, and it is something that I think we can ventilate in these first paragraphs to talk about the game itself. The Last of Us Part I looks incredible, textures and especially the characters are very careful; And no, there are no new playable mechanics of part II, such as bending down… although work can be seen improving some concrete animations. If you ask me, I love the game, but I have already played it several times, no, I would not buy the full price game.

And now two issues: Neil Druckman and Sony do not force you to buy the game, and both the original and the Remaster are still there, the latter even in PlayStation Premium. It can be a debatable decision as a player, something totally lawful, but it should not be an anticonsuming proposal, as we have had in the past with the closure of virtual stores. It is something that adds nothing.

A game for many more people

After playing the Last of Us Part I, I think I have a mental idea of which public this video game is focused… and it’s not me. It is an effort to bring back a game and make it as valid as part II. They want more people to enter this story, and there are several details that make me think so.

To begin with, the greatest novelty of the game and perhaps the most important: The accessibility improvements . The Last of Us Part II was a lesson when allowing all kinds of people, regardless of their physical and motor conditions, could enjoy the game. Part I Take the witness and continue this path. As privileged that we are the majority, we may not give it the importance it has, but it is something that Sony has been compromising and that they have confirmed that it will continue to be a priority with the new God of War: Ragnarok .

On the other hand, we must think that during the first quarter of 2023 the HBO series on The Last of Us ** should be released. It is not crazy to think that millions of people will meet Joel and Ellie for the first time thanks to the interpretations of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Those who want more, will have an optimal version of the game.

An essential game, regardless of the version

My colleagues in MGG France, being a website with more years of history than us, were able changes and their sensations. I cannot do that, since we do not have that original analysis. In our writing we are not digital Foundry or the bits analyst, and we do not usually analyze graphic changes between versions or console. And since that is what can be measured in this case, I consider that the responsible thing is that this text does not have arithmetic note.

But I can tell you that the game is still in force and that, as remembered, it is a more round video game than part II. He is less ambitious, he wants to tell us less about the world, but stop at a couple of key points to polish them to the fullest. I am on the ship of those who loved part II, but I recognize that The original is a more focused and aware title of what he wants and can cover.

Playing the title, I went back to the characters, suffered with certain turns of the plot and had that strange as eloquent attitude about how much I cared what was happening: Talk to TV. And, obviously, it will now cost me to return to previous versions after enjoying the 60 fps and resolution 4K. The Last of Us is an essential title, although perhaps this new remake is not so much. But if it serves to reach more people, it will be good news.

Complete tab

  • Title: The Last of Us Part I
  • Develop: Naughty Dog
  • Distribute: Sony
  • Language: texts and voices in Spanish
  • Release date: September 2, 2022
  • Platforms: PS5, will arrive at PC later.
  • Price: 79.99 euros on PS Store

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