Genshin Impact Lost Riches

The notorious event of good in Genshin Impact, Lost Roadows, returns with another star repetition of September 2, 2022-September 19, 2022 . This time, the wandering merchant Ulman found the road to the manner and wants to earn a lot of money on his visible treasures.

How to unlock the Genshin Impact Lost Riches event

The event Lost wealth is open to all players. Adventures Ranni 20 and above . Since the Ivent NPC Ulmar is located on the outskirts of the city of Pimer, you will also need access to this area. After you have fulfilled the necessary condition, you will automatically get an event that is called treasures under the grape vines that will offer you to talk to Ulmar to start the event.

How to go through the Genshin Impact Lost Riches event


Having talked with Ulman, open the event menu and select Lost Roadows. Click on details of the event to find all the areas of treasures that open every day during the first six days of the event. You need to scout and fill out the areas of the treasures in order.

You will be given a gadget called Treasure Seeker. Make sure that Equip and activate is during the game in this event, as this is the only way to get hints about the whereabouts of treasures.

Check the place indicated in the treasure, and go there to start the search for treasures. The area of the event will be allocated on a mini-card and the map of the world (only after you arrive for the first time), indicating the proximity of your search. Your goal is to look for energy spheres , which are floating blue circles. As soon as you approach one of them, it will appear on a mini-card. approach Energy sphere so that it is taken into account in the event.

After receiving one energy sphere, the mini-card will indicate the location of the following. You need to collect three to open the treasure and here three treasures on the region .

Having received three spheres of energy, go to a shovel icon on the map find luminous blue light . Interact with it to start the test which can include either the battle or the hunting for the energy spheres in the area.

The collection of energy will replenish the viability of good in the upper part of the screen. As soon as it completely heals, the call will end. A yellow luminous spot will appear-interact with it to pick up the treasure. You need to do the same from the very beginning twice in each area in order to get a total of three treasures in each. Keep in mind that the next area of the treasure will not open until you get all three treasures from the previous region.

How to use ancient iron coins in the event Lost Roadows in Genshin Impact

The chests with the treasures of this event will bring you ancient iron coins that can be used in Events exchange store . Talk to Ulman or open the Events menu to get access to the store and exchange your coins at Primogems, Hero’s Wits and Mini Seelie Gadgets, which are small companions that swim around you. Unlike ordinary gadgets, Mini Seels do not occupy your gadget slot, so you can use other gadgets, such as a camera, with them. However, at the same time you can equip only one gadget like a companion.

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