Where to find all the royal instruments in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dream light Valley is a magnificent life simulator filled with recognizable Disney characters, which we all love. Explore the magical world of the Dream light valley and help the characters restore peace and harmony, saving it from all evil spikes and presence. You can create your own avatar, decorate your house, collect and make materials and much more. However, first you will need to find and find the necessary royal tools that will help you in your duties. Here you can find every tool.

where to find a watering can in Disney Dream light Valley

Lake is the simplest royal tool that can be found hidden on the right. behind your house , as shown by a circled avatar on the map above. You will have to remove thorns and other garbage blocking the path. The watering can stand behind the barrels in the back of the house and will be useful for watering your plants and crops.

where to find a shovel in Disney Dream light Valley

The Zapata tool is located near your house, right through the square. Near the restaurant Chen Remy . You can find it to the left of the restaurant on Earth. It is used to dig land and find unique materials and ingredients.

where to find a pick in Disney Dream light Valley

Kirk is perhaps the most important of the tools used to destroy stones and deposits for collecting stone or more brilliant materials, such as precious stones and ores. Merlin instructs you to pull a stone from stone if you are chosen. This eliminates the world from darkness enveloping it and rewards you with an excellent tool. You can find it on the left side of the stairs, facing the peaceful meadow . (If you look at the card, it will be on the right.)


where to find a fishing rod in Disney Dream light Valley

It is not difficult to find a fishing rod, but a little additional work is required to collect it. You can find a broken fishing rod near the pond on Western side of the peaceful meadow correctly near the Sufi stand . You will need to take the broken GUI rod so that it repaired, and in return it will give you a Royal Tool fishing. Furthermore, you can use a fishing rod to catch fish in any of the ponds and ponds with bubbles under the surface.

When you have all your royal tools, you are ready to start collecting materials and objects necessary for the manufacture and creation of new objects. Almost everything that is in the Dream light Valley is a useful resource that you can use for yourself for the good, so use these tools with good!

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