CSGO: FLX takes the ticket for Spain after winning the Fire League

A great final that defines the last quota for Blast Premiere, After a very intense tournament the 9Z squad faces Flux, both have given a great performance within the competition, but only one can get that plane ticket That will be carried out in Barcelona, a duel to the best of three will be what this series defines to find the champion of the Fire League.

Starting in Inferno we see both squads showing the best efforts to fight in this first stage during the first rounds we see lux hitting very precisely to conquer the first part, for the beginning of the second half of the game to the Flux squad cost him because the purple team began to hit the right shots but in the end things flow for the Brazilian team.


In the second map we enter Nuke that both teams know very well, now in a more even duel we see how both squads show their best resources but Flux would manage to put the 8-7 on their score, passing to The second half of the match Locally would be present inside the game with a great paste in each of the bullets to go ahead in the game to define the score with a 16-13 that gives them the victory,

The series concludes with a marker tilted to a single side where the Flux squad manages to demonstrate all its effort to be able to take the contest and be able to advance to Barcelona where the best teams in the world will fight to define who is the best Team of the world, the Brazilian team prepared in a very good way and showed it during this tournament that gives them that precious opportunity.

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