Modern Warfare 2 – How to get FSS Hurricane and the best assembly

FSS Hurricane submachine gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 belongs to the M4 platform or the weapon family. Players can use this SMG along with Fennec and Eichmann Sub MP5 during beta testing. If you do not want to go tiring by unlock mp5, FSS Hurricane-a great alternative to use in Modern Warfare 2.

How to unlock FSS Hurricane in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Follow the steps below to unlock the FSS Hurricane SMG in Modern Warfare 2 Beta:

  • Use the M4 assault rifle as the main weapon in one of your equipment sets.
  • Play a few matches using M4 until it reaches the level of 13 to unlock the FTA Recon combat rifle.
  • Now equip the FTA Recon in your equipment and advance it to the level of 16 to unlock the FSS Hurricane submachine gun.
  • You can check the levels of your weapon and unlock it on the Progress tab in the gunsmith, as shown in the image above. In addition, players who purchased Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition already have access to FSS Hurricane through FJX Cinder Weapon Vault.

Best Assembly FSS Hurricane Modern Warfare 2

barrel *: FSS cannonade, 16 inches trunk
laser : laser box 4 MW
reserve : Quicksilver demo version is folded
* Subtract : ex pineapple vertical handle

* magazine : Phantom grip

This is our recommendation for the equipment of the FSS Hurricane using a limited set of stage equipment available during beta testing. The butt and the back handle used here improve the viability of the weapon in shootings at the near distance, increasing its characteristics of mobility, such as speed, sprint speed to fire and aiming speed (ADS).

The 16-inch FSS barrel increases the range and the speed of the machine gun, which makes it suitable for the battle at medium distances. In addition, it increases the accuracy of firing from the thigh. Laser on our assembly FSS Hurricane.

Best equipment FSS Hurricane and Modern Warfare 2 class

initial *: FSS Hurricane submachine gun
Middle : Automatic pistol x13
tactical : Light-shiman grenade
deadly *: drill charge
package of perks
The main advantages : Double time and tracker
Bonus *: quick hands / quick correction
Absolute perk : Ghost
Field update : ammunition box

Stay with us in professional game guidelines to learn more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the meantime, get acquainted with our article All the weapon of the gunsmith in the beta version of Modern Warfare 2 and How the Regime ground invasion works In Modern Warfare 2?

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