Nintendo Switch offers great discounts on eShop

The end of the year 2022 and the beginning of 2023 promises to be something incredible for Nintendo Switch, a console that will practically be receiving a strong launch per month from October. And for users to make the wait more bearable, the company has launched some outstanding discounts to take great games that they still do not possess.

Here is a list with those who consider the most important:

Pinyin 3: From $1,399.00 to $979.30 MX: A fairly entertaining RTS that will serve as that necessary step for those who intend to enter the fourth installment next year.

Azure Striker Gun volt 3 : From $614.99 to $553.49 MX: Platform set and two-dimensional shots, if you are a Mega Man fan, it is likely to enjoy them without problem.

Kronor Phantasm Reverie Series : From $499.00 to $374.25 MX: Beloved NAMC franchise that returns after a long time of absence. Ideal for 2D platform lovers.

Rabbis: Party of Legends : From $799.00 to $599.25 MX: Mario Party lovers are going to enjoy this experience, but now with the nice rabbits of Ubisoft.


Little Nightmares I & II Bundle: From $1099.00 to $439.60 MX: one of the most beloved indies franchises that combines 2D platform with horror elements.

Cap com Fighting Collection : From $833.00 to $624.75 MX: Unalterable Collection for Fight Arcade fans.

Sonic Origins : From $499.00 to $349.30 MX: Compilation of the most popular Games of the Sega hedgehog, you cannot miss a character’s fan.

TNT: Shredder’s Revenge: From $233.99 to $187.19: Game that returns the greatness to the arcade classics of the ninja turtles.

Pac-Man Museum +: From $400.00 to $280.00 MX: Compiled of the classic NAMC pet games.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim : From $1,499.00 to $974.35: RPG style game that captivates many fans at the time.

Remember that the offers will be in force for limited time, so we recommend you buy as soon as possible.

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