Cyberpunk: Edgerunners – The most interesting game animation then Arcane

Cyberpunk: Edge runners is a surprising success in a very interesting world.

Netflix has included animations based on well-known gaming brands to its portfolio, such as the excellent arcane. The latest success will be the _cyberpunk 2077: the world animation series.

The dream of escaping far to live.

Night City no one will hear your cry

Although _cyberpunk 2077’s release was in many ways a farce, the fact that its world was fascinating was hidden by the barking. Born in the 1980s, the Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing game is still worth playing, and its cultural impact cannot be neglected. As a result, it is gratifying that CD Project Red did not throw its towel in the ring right after the first year of barking.


The Polish-Japanese animation manages to reach the atmosphere and gloom of the futuristic world. In a poor single-parent family, David has done something extraordinary: he strives for a class of class at the prestigious Alaska Academy. As a working class, he stands out from the crowd and is constantly as an eyeball of others. Everything changes when his mother dies in a random street battle, which derails orphan into financial distress.

In the aftermath, David’s mother Gloria has financed studies by working as a smuggler for cyber implants. The implants found and the tough world guide David to Edge runner, a dark mercenary. The new club has partnership, love and a new purpose for life. However, Night City does not offer easy tastes for Edge runners.

There is enough rumble and rag!

It’s better to revitalize cyberpunk

Cyberpunk: Edge runners in many ways is traditional anime in both drawing style and Japanese voice show. Fortunately, the worst fireball fell and animated are left aside. Instead, the edge has been brought to the replacement: there is plenty of sex and violence. At least I agree to the timeline leakage as it is due to the side effects of cyber implants.

The series manages to achieve the roughness of cyberpunk aesthetics in an exceptional way. I am really delighted that the cyberpunk 2020s The world has been created by such a well-to-reach series. This is a bit like cyberpunk 2077, except that there is enough space for finishing. Excellent!

The ten episodes of less than half an hour are suitably small snacks for a little or one-off. However, I do not recommend watching the series in the workplace, as there are enough explosive surface and explosive limbs-a separate NSFW trailer for those who want to be watched. After all, you can do nothing but recommend.

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