Ski Alpin: The Globe Mug


23.10.2022: Golden (Austria), giant slalom

29.-30.10.2022: Zermatt/Herminia (Switzerland/Italy), separations

13.11.2022: Lech/Z URS (Austria), identical race

25.-27.11.2022: Lake Louise (Canada), separation and also super-GS

2-4.12.2022: Beaver Creek (United States), separations and Super-G

10.-11.12.2022: Val d’Isère (France), large slalom as well as slalom

16.-17.12.2022: Val Garden (Italy), departure and Super-G

December 18-19, 2022: Alta Bahia (Italy), gigantic slaloms

12/22/2022: Madonna di Camillo (Italy), slalom

28.-29.12.2022: Boris (Italy), departure as well as Super-G

4.1,2023: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), Slalom

7.-8.1.2023: Adelaide (Switzerland), gigantic slalom and also slalom

13.-15.1.2023: Wen gen (Switzerland), Slalom, super-g and also departure

20.-22.1.2023: Kitzbühel (Austria), separations and also slalom

24.1.2023: Claiming (Austria), Slalom

28.-29.1.2023: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), separation and giant slalom

4.2.2023: Chamois (France), slalom

6.-19.2.2023: Alpine Ski-WM in Courchevel/Maribel (France)

25.-26.2.2023: Palisades Tahoe (USA), giant slalom and slalom

3.-5.3.2023: Aspen (United States), separations and also Super-G

11.-12.3.2023: Franziska Gorey (Slovenia), large slaloms

13.-19.3.2023: Sole (Andorra), departure, Super-G, identical race, gigantic slalom and slalom


22.10.2022: Golden (Austria), gigantic slalom

5-6.11.2022: Zermatt/Herminia (Switzerland/Italy), departures

12.11.2022: Lech/Z URS (Austria), identical race

19.-20.11.2022: Levi (Finland), Slaloms

26.-27.11.2022: Killing ton (USA), huge slalom and also slalom

2-4.12.2022: Lake Louise (Canada), separations and Super-G

10.-11.12.2022: Retrieve (Italy), huge slalom and slalom

16.-18.12.2022: St. Moritz (Switzerland), separations and also Super-G

28.-29.12.2022: Simmering (Austria), large slalom and slalom

4.-5.1.2023: Zagreb (Croatia), Slaloms

7.-8.1.2023: Franziska Gorey (Slovenia), huge slaloms

10.1.2023: Dachau (Austria), Slalom

14.-15.1.2023: St. Anton (Austria), separation and also Super-G

20.-23.1.2023: Corina d’Mezzo (Italy), separation and super-GS

24.1.2023: Kronplatz (Italy), large slalom

28.-29.1.2023: Spindler Mayn (Czech Republic), gigantic slalom as well as slalom

6.-19.2.2023: Alpine Ski-WM in Courchevel/Maribel (France)

25.-26.2.2023: Clans Montana (Switzerland), departure and Super-G

3.-5.2.2023: Kvitfjell (Norway), departure and super-GS

10.-11.2.2023: Are (Sweden), large slalom and also slalom

13.-19.2.2023: Sole (Andorra), separation, Super-G, parallel race, slalom as well as huge slalom

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