TGS2022 booth repo article ranking! Direct hit repo, REV TO VERTEX played with 2 million yen equipment, etc.

In this article, the response was great Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS2022) booth repo article! A number of booths that are the real pleasure of Tokyo Game Show 2022… In this article, a booth repo article published in GAME*Spark will be delivered in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from September 1, 2022, to September 21, 2022.

TGS2022 Booth Repo related NBA 2K articles ranking

The living room that embodies the ideal of the 10th place gamer is a landmark! Report the BenQ booth that responds to everyone’s I want [TGS2022]: 38 Pt.

Introducing a BenQ booth where you can experience new products.


9th place I went to the gamer purveyor tool Discord booth! We also deliver mini-in tubes to headquarter members [TGS2022]: 38 Pt.

One passion is aggressive and cute! If you can meet at the booth, you can shoot two shots.


8th place Liza’s Atelier 3 can be hooked even if you have no experience in the series! Knockout in an instant [TGS2022]: 45 pt.

Liza’s Atelier complete Liza Atelier 3-Alchemist at the End and Secret Key- will be played at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 at the Goa Team Games booth! I have experienced the vast world.


7th place Nitric will be exhibited for the first time in the Tokyo Game Show.

At the Tokyo Game Show 2022 venue held at Madurai Jesse on September 15 (Thursday), Nitric, which sells furniture and interior products, exhibited the booth for the first time. A set and chairs that allow you to build a gaming room with a sense of unity in the set are displayed.


6th place Tuber experience with TGS! ? Report a booth of ARMENIA, which has the ultimate peripheral device for distributors [TGS2022]: 55 Pt.

At the booth, the software and peripherals required for the distribution of Tuber are on display, and you can also experience the distribution!


5th place TGS venue can experience more than 20 titles with Steam Deck! New Comfortable Operation title Report the Steam Deck booth one after another [TGS2022]: 68 pt.

In addition to the experience of the main unit, domestic manufacturers are also performing peripheral devices and titles that will be compatible with comfortably in the future.


4th place WHO AM I? Kolyma Production released a mysterious image [TGS2022]: 89 Pt.

Appeared at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 product booth.



3rd place Fringe’s masterpiece Rooney abandoned city story goes to commercial remake! At the WhisperGames booth, the original version & first public PV will be displayed [TGS2022]: 104 Pt.

The PV of the remake version Rooney abolished city story is prohibited, and only the TGS2022 venue is seen!


2nd place, Hong Kong fastest legend! Play & booth repo REV TO VERTEX for PC. A sense of presence born in a drive environment with nearly 2 million yen unique to the event [TGS2022]: 107 Pt.

REV TO VERTEX is one of the charms of racing on public roads in Hong Kong. In this Tokyo Game Show, it was exhibited as a tremendous real simulator.


1st place charge to TGS product sales corner! ELDEN RING T-shirts and 500 yen sale stimulate purchasing! [TGS2022]: 410 pt.

I went to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 product booth. Raven cushion and Lani-sama T-shirt stimulate the greed.


The second place is Hong Kong’s fastest legend! REV TO VERTEX play & booth repo for PC. In the event, a sense of presence created in a drive environment that is near 2 million yen [TGS2022] REV TO VERTEX play. The driving simulator Drive-X was prepared. What a price 2 million yen…! Please read the REV TO VERTEX repo that will fly out Hong Kong in a rich game environment.

The first place is Assault on the TGS product sales corner! ELDEN RING T-shirts and 500 yen sale stimulate the purchase! [TGS2022]. The fun of the Tokyo Game Show Reality will be on sale. From Raven cushion to dragon-like characters. Attention was focused on TGS product sales repo, which has a different pleasure from mail order.

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