LOL – LPL Worlds 2022: China reaches Na as beasts to beat ¿tes and jdg favorites to win the trophy?

If you follow the competitive League of Legends , it is not necessarily useful to remind you how strong China is currently. However, we will make a brief introduction to refresh the memory of people less passionate about this region. If we write that China seems to have the best teams , it is not for our personal interpretation but for the data granted by the League.

Several Korean players who play in the LCK have defended this point of view , in particular Peanut, although they admit that the gap with the Korean league is not abysmal either. European players, as well as various analysts, share this opinion, which today is the most common in different analysis. Finally, it should be said that two Chinese teams have won the last three international competitions: RNG (MSI 2021 and 2022) and EDGE (Worlds 2021).

JD Gaming, The Favorite (?)

Although JD Gaming undisputed the Summer Split , are not The favorites of many analysts. According to his last, A strong player is missing , who stands out among others to the point of being considered one of the best in his position. And it is relatively true, when you have to cite the best player in the world in any position, very few people will choose a JD Gaming player (Cadre is one of the few who has cited the Top Liner 369 in his Dream Team).

However, the team has international experience, knows how to quickly adapt its game plan and trusts mostly on your team. This can be seen in their statistics in particular, in the playoffs almost all players participated in more than 65% of deaths , except 369, since the PLANERS are generally less present in the first skirmishes of This goal focused on the bot lane and the central lane.

The team plays a lot with Hope as its ADC. Even if the latter prefers champions with a good escalation (Civil, Zero), he is able to destroy his opponents with Lucian. Interestingly, he is the second player in terms of participation in murder s (75%) ahead of his jungle (71%). He is assisted by Missing , who is very often about Supports that improve the shooter more than about champions in charge of starting fights. In the central lane, Ago plays with the dominant champions of the moment and does not have to be ashamed of his actions.

He can sometimes be the main Carry in some games, but he often leaves this role in Hope. In the jungle, Kana vi is fearsome . He often begins with aggressive champions and has a good pocket pick such as Be’veto that must be taken into account. Probably not to the point of being a mandatory ban, since his VI and his Kong usually give more fear , but team compositions that are hindered by a Be’veto should be avoided.

Finally, the Benetton of 369 is very respected in the LPL , even if the player is playing better with Actor recently. Many of the JDG players are afraid and force Bans: In addition to the two Kana vi champions, the Ago Air, the Missing Yuri and the Benetton of 369, in general, Hope does not know What shooter will hinder the opposite team more.

Top Esports, towards a first world title?

Top eSports is also A team that depends a lot on team game , but seems to have some weaknesses . Extremely rare made, it is than el jungle, who least participates in deaths . Usually , This position is in the top three in terms of participation, and seeing it behind a to planer is more than atypical. Te’s can suffer in _early game, since he has only managed to get the first tower in 22% of the playoffs maps and The first blood in 38% * from them.

This is the area in which the team should improve the most so as not to have to let its rivals impose its rhythm. If at the beginning of the game they do not do it quite well, the accumulated gap is usually very low , and return to the game thanks to the group fights . However, , the strongest teams can do Snowball taking advantage of the smallest advantage, so this weakness will be very harmful to TES if this point is not corrected (and it is likely that the team has worked hard on this in its preparation).

Again (but you are probably getting used to it since it is the goal who wants it), the player who causes more damage is Jackal . If the Driven of him is very respected in the LPL (56% of Banjo), the player has not convinced Lucian . Some Te’s opponents could try to take advantage of this, knowing that after a ban to Driven, Top Esports will tend to create a much more passive bot lane in early game.

While Mark continues the goal when playing mainly with Sorcerers , it also stands out in champions capable of starting fights or tank , such as Nautilus, Leona and Baum. Finally, His Renata of Him inspires respect , and is very frequently bane by her adversaries. In the central lane, Knight plays the strongest of goal , but also shines in the murderers . Subestimating the Alkali would be a mistake, even if she is not entirely strong, unlike her HRI’s. Wayward is a To planer that should not be underestimated and that can perform different roles .


Finally, the Than de Tian is respected enough to attract some prohibitions. TAS is perhaps the most frightening LPL team , since its weak points are quite obvious and players have been able to identify them and try to correct them during their preparation. The team impresses with its strengths, and its weaknesses are usually points that can be improved quite quickly, unlike other teams whose weaknesses are more difficult to improve in such a short time.

Edge, Viper addiction?

Even more than any other team in the LPL, EDGE seems to depend on its ADC . The correlation is very simple, If Viper is not right, the team is not either. Even Scout , recognized as one of the best players in the world in his position, cannot compensate for this absence. His talent is not to question, but very often the Midland USA explosive magicians , and simply does not have the damage to kill a whole team.

It is true that EDGE compositions often sacrifice a lane (superior or jungle) to take a very strong team fight champion that can measure the rhythm, which gives them a lack of damage compared to the teams that prefer aggressive compositions. This leaves a lot of responsibility on Viper’s shoulders and, quite frequently , If he cannot do DPS, team fights are lost.

It is not impossible for the team to expand its strategies for the World Cup , but in the playoffs that unit was evident. However, this is not necessarily a weakness , very few ADC can claim to be at the level of Viper currently, and only Ruler seems really capable of competing with him. Playing around a player who is in the top 1 or top 2 in his position is far from being a bad idea, only that he tends to make you predictable.

Let us end singing the praises of Viper , simply saying that he can do anything in the goal , and that usually attracts two banjos (100% of Banjo to his Lucian during the regional Qualifier) during the draft. The team’s confidence in him is such that Edge rarely prohibit some shooter , knowing that the ace of him will remain firm in any confrontation. Of course, we should not hide the presence of Make , who assists it very well with the Sorcerers .

However, the true brain of the team is Jaime . It could be said that Edge’s jungle is one of the players with The best game vision in Worlds . He very often finds opportunities to put his bot lane in orbit, even if he sometimes tends to force some actions, which can put the team in great difficulties. Scout On the part of him remains one of the best Midlands in the world and rarely lowers his level.

His role is usually threatening the opposite back lane, while the rest of the team destroys the front lane. His actions, although less spectacular than Viper’s, which generally clean the fights, are extremely important for the good development of grouped clashes. Finally, Flanders is often better in tanks and resistant champions, but he is also capable of exploding with certain fighters . The Power of Edge in these World Cups will depend on clearly of Viper and how well he can dominate to his opponents.

RNG, overvalued or undervalued?

Despite to win the Spring Split and the MSI , RNG had to go through the regional Qualifier after exploiting in the playoffs. The team has shown weaknesses in the lower lane , since although Gala is going well climbing ADC, her line phase is questionable and forces the team to ban strong lane ADC’s such as Batista, Driven and Lucian. Although the statistics are a bit biased because RNG lost its only playoff match against Edge, whom he faced again at the Qualifier regional, this trend was also observed during the regular season.

Wei also had trouble improving the game of him at the Summer Split to compete with the best LPL jungles. The team depends largely on its Hollanders and especially on Xiao to make a difference, which is not necessarily the best in the current goal .

The Zero de Gala is formidable , but does not stand out particularly on the other champions within the goal. Ming also struggles to find the best game plans in this goal. During the regular season, he stood out on many occasions with initiators (Nautilus / Leon), but was very successful with them in the playoffs. He is going well with the Sorcerers , but they are not the champions with which he feels more comfortable at this time. Although Wei prefers to go with aggressive characters , his results have been the best lately with resistant tanks / champions.

Fortunately , Breathe compensates a lot in the To plane , standing out in the blows. He also has Pocket Picks as Flora and Tax that must be taken into account. EDGE’s were not wrong and prohibited Flora during the Qualifier regional matches. Finally, RNG is still quite dependent on Xiao . He is the true driver of the team, rather than Wei or Ming. He often goes with champions that can start actions and change rapidly to allow his teammates to win skates.

The state of the RNG form for these World Cups is a true questioning sign. The team was still looking for itself in the playoffs, but if you manage to adapt your game style , it couldbecome a serious aspiring * to the final title. Otherwise, it is unlikely that we will find it in the top 4, even if they still arrive at Main Event.

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