The free rogue -like RPG ELIN is distributed by early access by Steam. Succession of ELONA where survival and craft elements have been added

NOA (Lafrontier), a personal game developer, released a Steam store page of Lin on October 2. According to Steam’s store page, it will support Japanese and English subtitles. Although the time is not revealed, early access distribution on Steam is scheduled.

LIN is a rogue-like work by NOA, a developer of Elena. The free game Elena is a rogue-like work released in 2007. The stage is a world called Silva, where war is about to occur due to the expansion of the deformed forest. The player is someone who has reached the North Tiles land. Elements include character makeup that can be selected by more than 11 types, some open fields that are partially constructed, and turn-based behavior systems. In a world where the ether wind blows, you can follow the main quest, run for NPCs and run theft, and have adventures depending on players. Since its release, many players in Japan and overseas have been hooked on deep swamps due to freedom.

This work LIN is a rogue-like RPG under development as a successor to ELENA. The stage will be Silva about 30 years ago from the start of Elena. Players mainly adventure in North, a familiar Norththiris in Elena, and Mi cilia. In the story, the beginning of the magnificent story of humans and Lead around the deformed forest is unfolded. In terms of system, conventional rogue-like gameplay, such as turn-based behavior system, has been inherited. A free adventure is waiting for dungeons and fixed maps due to random generation. On the other hand, craft, survival, and construction elements are different from the previous work. It is also called a sandbox RPG, and it seems that the construction and operation of the city can be performed. In this work, the viewpoint has been changed to a quarter view format, and the graphics have been enhanced.

LIN is also called LIN’S Inn, and since 2019, it has been reported on development status and published alpha version on overseas bulletin board Reddit. Although the release time has not yet been clear, the progress has been steadily accumulated for the release, including the release of this Steam store page. According to NOA’s post to Reddit, the main area of this work is North and Mi cilia, and the global map also contains Solutions and Damon. Also, 30 years ago from ELENA, there were some characters of ELENA. If you calculate back from your age, you may be able to imagine who will appear. It also describes the situation of Mi cilia, which is related to the story, so if you are interested in the world setting of this work, you may want to look through it.

According to Steam’s store page, this work is scheduled for an early access period of about two years to two years. During early access distribution, main scenario/main quest/subquest/unique NPC/event/item/recipe will be added. Overall balance adjustment including public bath/construction/craft element is also planned. In this work, early access distribution will be started with the basic system implemented, and the balance adjustment and content will be added.

LIN is scheduled to be distributed early for PC (Steam).

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