It will be released on October 13th, a camp game PARADISE MARSH. Capture insects, look at the night sky, and the sun rises again

Game developer Étienne Trudeau reported on October 4 that PARADISE MARSH was completed. He announced that it will be released on October 13 local time. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

PARADISE MARSH is an adventure game spending an endless wetland. One day, the player wakes up in a strange wetland. It seems that the night sky was once full of stars, but apparently the stars have fallen from the sky. Players live a car in a wetland. Pick flowers, catch insects, throw stones in a pond, read a letter in a fallen bottle. It is said that such actions will surely lead to regaining the stars in the sky.

Plants are grown in the wetlands, and rivers flow through the wetlands, and swamps are scattered. In addition, there is no dangerous thing such as enemies, and there is a peaceful atmosphere in the atmosphere. The map is built by automatic generation. It is an infinite environment, and the player explores insect nets in their hands.


In search of wetlands, you can encounter various creatures and catch them with insect nets. It seems that there are frogs, tadpoles, beetles, and snails. If you can catch such creatures brilliantly, the information will be recorded in the adventure notebook of the player. In the world, poems may be found, lost and drifted in a long time ago. You can pick wild flowers, eat berries, or throw stones on the surface of the water to enjoy draining, or sit down on a fallen tree.

There is a change in the day and night in the world of this work, the sun sets with the sunset, a dark night comes, and the sun rises again. There are days when it is sunny, and it may be cloudy and rainy. You can feel the natural environment that changes depending on time and day. In such nature, you can freely live a camp life.

It seems that this work is based on a work developed for the game jam A Game by Its Cover held in 2020. Developer Étienne Trudeau is developing in the countryside, influenced by works such as A Short Hike and Proteus, based on the memories of the childhood playing in the countryside. 。 Regarding music, Masterpiece provides music. Masterpiece is a composer that has composed music such as FEZ and Hyper Light Drifter. With ambient LO-Fi sound, it will color the camp life of this work to the aesthetic.

Paradise Marsh will be released on October 13 local time for PC (Steam)/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

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