When does the Halloween Haunted By Daylight of Dead By Daylight start? Answered

Behavior Interactive confirmed on October 6 that a new event addresses Dead By Daylight to celebrate the Halloween season. It is called Haunted by Daylight and is configured to provide players with many macabre gifts to win, but when does it officially start? Here is everything you need to know about when the event had day daylight begins at Dead by Daylight .

Halloween Event Haunted by Daylight by Dead By Daylight: When does it start?

Haunted by Daylight is scheduled to start in the game on October 13 and conclude on November 3. , 2022 . It will ask players to complete certain objectives, such as acquiring vacuum energy and depositing it in cracks in the game to gain rewards, including weapons with sweet themes for murderers and attire for survivors. There will also be a new volume full of challenges so that players assume them and get even more rewards.

Although the event itself will not begin until October 13, players must take into account that new stores will be added on October 11 as part of the event, including new outfits for On and Albert Weaker. In addition, the game will be free during Halloween weekend.

So that ends for now. With luck, we have helped you give you a clue on when the Halloween Haunted By Daylight of Dead By Daylight begins. If you are looking to refresh your knowledge of Dead by Daylight, be sure to consult our guide that explains all the effects and symbols of state. If you have any technical problems, our guides on how to verify the state of the game server and correct the error code 8012 should also be useful.

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