Overwatch 2: How to play for Ash

As the leader of the DEADLOCK gang, the game style and the ASC set mostly have not changed even after the alteration of Overwatch 2, but she still has a new sensation of her character after the transition to 5 to 5 to 6.

Nevertheless, she retained her strong role in the stronger hero of the traffic police, some can even say that even the best traffic police. With the correct understanding of its abilities and the style of the game, players will not waste time using it, as in the last part, and use its function of an absolute destroyer on the field.

abilities ESH

In total, Ash has four abilities in Overwatch 2.



As the main weapon, Ash uses a viper described as a semi-automatic rifle with high damage.

The effectiveness of this weapon is highly dependent on time and goals. For example, when shooting from the thigh, the rifle inflicts moderate damage, while when shooting at the sight, it inflicts more and double damage.

coaching pistol

Using this ability, Ash can shoot at enemies in front of him from a cut. The shot causes a little damage to the enemy, but throws Ash back, saving her from attacks in close combat.

Coach Gun can also be used for mobility to jump above or quickly rush to the enemy or goal.


With the help of this ability, Ash can throw explosives, which explodes after a short delay or immediately after a shot. The dynamite causes damage during the explosion and sets it on enemies, inflicting more and more damage over time.


Bob is the highest ability that causes Comic butler ESH Bob. Bob rushes forward, tossing enemies into the air before stopping, and then uses his hand guns to inflict damage.

Tips for the game Ash

Viper rifle with ADS is what players need to play at a distance and want to avoid close clashes. When aiming from the thigh, as mentioned earlier, rate of fire increases; However, he does not inflict such a large damage when shooting from the sight.

This style of play is great for certain areas, where you have the opportunity to fight with enemies from the upper regions.

In addition, the amount of damage applied by AS his great for the fight against enemies that belong to support and damage groups.

When you are faced with computers, such as Phara-Mercy, aiming is an ideal way to play, because you can kill any of them with only two well-aimed shots, quickly dealing with their deadly combination.

The use of Bob in the middle of the command combat or to clean/refusal to capture the point can be very useful and gives Ash such a necessary respite if the enemies become overwhelming.

By connecting this combo with the ability dynamite, you will best believe that everyone around will be destroyed in a couple of minutes. However, remember that ESCA needs a lot of space for work, so make sure that you placed it in the command staff, which gives it enough shield for proper work.

Best crossing Ash

Being one of the few characters in OW2, which requires accurate aiming, you need to make sure that you correctly set the crosshairs and aiming mesh for Ash. Although much depends on personal preferences, the recommended net settings for Ash are below.

Type: * Crossing
Show accuracy : v. (Off for experts)
thickness: 1
cross-length *: 8
Central break : 5
Op pry: 100
Op pressure of the circuit *: 30
Point size : 2
Oppressiveness of the point : 100

Ash Changes in Overwatch 2

At the time of launch, Overwatch 2 Ash has not undergone special changes. Its personal kit remains the same as before. However, Bob’s health was reduced to 1000, so it is not as destructive as before.

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