[Review] GPU Lanis chest is magnificent in Intel CPUs ~ Lenovo yoga 7I notebook

In the first half of this year, there is news released by Intel in March. It’s Intel’s external graphics card. Before the launch, I sprayed countless rice cakes, presenting a new paradigm in the graphics card market stained with cryptocurrency craze, and challenged. In anticipation of the graphics vs. Three Kingdoms, I raised the expectations of Intel Arc.

One month later, in April, we will showcase the Arc A series for mobile. It’s ARC A350M, and if you know, you will know. Yes, the graphics card in the Galaxy 2 Pro is correct. Anyway, the A350M, which was unveiled, was evaluated that the game performance itself showed the result of competitors low-end products and BB. There was a trivial problem such as the driver optimization issue in the early stages, but if the update proceeds gradually, it will be solved.

In the case of the A370m, the story is different. The ACM-G11 GPU and GDDR6 4 GB have 2.5 times faster than Iris XE, and according to news of overseas media and benchmark data, they have similar performance to RTX 3050 mobile. In the end, there is a Lenovo Yoga 7i (YOGA 7I) equipped with the Intel 12th generation CPU processor and Arc A370M graphics, so let’s take a look at the Arc A370M.

Intel EVE platform certification! Lenovo Yoga 7i

Lenovo yoga 7i (yoga 7i)

CPU: 12th generation Intel® Core ™ processor i7-12700h (max)

* Graphics Card: Intel® ARC ™ A370M

RAM: 32 GB DDR5 (Dual Channel)

* Size and weight: 361.51 mm x 249.65 mm x 19.2 mm (about 2.1 kg)

Operating system: Windows 11 Pro

Display: 16 inches / 2.5K (2560 x 1600), 16:10 / IPS / 400 nits / 100% RGB

Network: Wi-Fi 6E 11AX, 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.2

** Battery: 99.99Wh / up to 26 hours / Rapid charge Express fast charging support

*Product price: starting from 1.82 million won

Others: Dolby Vision Support / Multi Touch screen (10-point multitouch), low blue light /

※ For more information about the product, you can check the official Lenovo official website **.

Before dealing with the detailed specifications of this product, there is one thing to point out. Lenovo Yoga 7i is a product that has been certified by the Intel® EVE ™ platform (EVE platform). What is this authentication ticket, and it’s not a difficult EVE platform product that is officially certified by Intel by satisfying the performance of Intel.

The features of the EVE platform certified notebooks are that the 11th generation i5 or higher CPU is basic, and when the power button is pressed in the power saving state, it is a fast response that turns on within 1 second, or up to 9 hours of FHD battery, FHD, FHD The battery must be sustained for more than 4 hours with a 30-minute fast charging, and 40Gbps Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6E support, generous storage devices, thin and light design, high optimization teams and zooms, etc. There will be.

In short, the EVE platform certified products are good, connected, and long-lasting laptops. It would be easy to think of the old Central or Ultrabook. Anyway, if it is a product that has passed these criteria in Intel, it is definitely a ‘good’ laptop. At least in front of the EVE scab, you won’t be able to eat so-called mischief, such as 8 GB single channel RAM or 128 GB SSD+2 TB HDD.

The CPU of Lenovo Yoga 7i is equipped with Intel i7-12700h. The main feature of the 12th generation Intel CPU is the CPU of hybrid structure, which combines P Core and E-Core (EFFICIENT Core), which greatly strengthens the powerful single core and multi-thread performance and the full ratio. Thanks to this, it is up to 40% faster than the previous generation, which is excellent in gaming as well as work performance. In addition, it supports the latest technology, including Thunderbolt 4 ports and DDR5 memory.

16: 10, 2-in-1, 360 degrees rotation, digital pen maximum productivity!

In terms of specifications, the main stream gaming laptop comes to mind first, but in fact, this laptop is maximized. First, the exterior is equipped with a suitable durability with the aluminum alloy processed by CNC. It’s a pity that it’s a bit over 2 kilometers, but considering the 16-inch size, 99.99Wh large battery and external graphics cards, the weight of 2.16 kg is not very heavy.

The color is dark gray, but the first impression was good. But before I opened my laptop, I felt it when I looked around and looked at the exterior. Even though it’s thinner than I thought, I took all the other ports and put two Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Looking from the left side of the notebook, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.2 Gen1, two Thunderbolt 4 ports and the right side are equipped with a power button, USB 3.2 Gen1, 3.5 mm headphone and microphone combo jack. The charging pin was compatible with USB-C, which could be used as another C type charger when the situation was not easy.

One thing that was unfortunate is that the power button is on the right side, so when the laptop is built in a tablet mode, there is a Buddhist statue where the power button goes down when the power button turns to the floor. I think it’s going to be a built-in power button on the keyboard key or around the keyboard.

The newly added Smart note (Smart note), which is newly added to the 7th generation of Lenovo Notebooks, is a function for creators, and can be notes with a dedicated pen, and the file automatically uploads the file to one note, one drive, etc. The advantage is that digital pens are given as a basic component.

2.5K QHD resolution touch IPS display is applied. If you think 2K = QHD resolution is 2.5K, is it one number? Lenovo Yoga 7i is equipped with an additional 16:10 aspect ratio to QHD resolution, which is especially advantageous for document work or surfing the Internet. The vertical area in one screen has increased, so the resolution is 2.5K. In addition, it feels like the quality of display quality such as 400 knit brightness, 1,200: 1 contrast ratio, and Dolby Vision.

As you can see from the product name yoga (yoga), this product display can be rotated 360 degrees. You can fold it in half and use it as a tablet as well as the general laptop angle, and you can easily show the screen to the person sitting opposite 180 degrees, or it is easy to watch the video by setting up a tent.

Here are the key buttons and trackpads. The keyboard is a configuration that contains a number pad that can be seen in a general 16-inch product, and a useful program key, such as a calculator and a capture tool, allows you to easily run the program by pressing the button once. To use the F1 ~ F2 function key, you need to press the FN key.

The media key is on the top right of the number pad. You can stop the video you are currently playing, or play a variety of playlists. In addition, you can adjust the FN+Space directly keyboard backlight amount to 2 stages.

There was no click on the trackpad even if I bent the laptop and gave me strength. It is a proof that the deadline is strong. It was not a special height, and the Pastor was appropriate. Furthermore, it’s a pity that the keys are cut. Furthermore, it can’t be helped to keep the key arrangement neatly.

It’s for work, but let’s be greedy ~ Game is possible?!

So far, the laptop exterior and functions can be used for work and have excellent performance. Why don’t you be greedy here and go to the game? Personally, I’m a little curious about the Intel Arc A370M performance.

The gameplay test measured the in-game frame by running three Overwatch 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and League of Legends games. Since the product is 2560*1600 WGA resolution, the goal is to stably extract 60 frames from that resolution. The in-game option is set to a high preset, so let’s give you as much load on the CPU and GPU.

Overwatch 2

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The League of Legends

The Lenovo Yoga 7i product used in the review is equipped with the Intel Core ™ processor i7-12700h CPU and Intel® ARC ™ A370M graphics. Lastly, it was well known that the League of Legends, which I played, could be turned enough with the built-in graphics, but I didn’t expect much, but it was quite impressive that the frame of more than 200 stable with the 2560*1600 resolution and the best ops was secured.

Overwatch 2 has an average of 68 frames, and if you adjust the FHD or detailed graphics options, you will be able to play at more than 120 frames and 144 frames.

Lenovo yoga 7i of the EVE platform, excellent for work

It was not close to perfection, but it was more than expected. Lenovo Yoga 7i, with Intel CPU and Intel external graphics, has been certified by the EVE platform and has a great performance in the work area.

The EVE platform is a system given to Intel’s ‘Advanced’ laptop. EVE platform acquisition conditions are because you need to satisfy a certain level in all directions, including OS, CPU, response, connectivity, fast charging, display, storage device, and thin and light appearance.

Personally, the performance of Intel Arc 370 m was similar to the RTX 3050. It was still insufficient in the driver, but Arc has just taken a step, and it’s not negative if you expect optimization to go through the update later.

Touch display, which combines the 2.5K resolution IPS panel and 16:10 ratio, enhances productivity. In particular, 360 hinge designs and digital pens enclosed can be flexible with any form of work. In addition to the users who demand a general work, why don’t you consider Lenovo 7i laptop if you’re a professional creator?

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