Comic -style 3D point & click ADV Sunday Gold Release of Comic -style 3D Points in the 2070s

Team17 has released the 3D point & click ADV Sunday Gold for PC (Steam), which is handled by BOOM STUDIOS, and released the trailer.

This work is a point & click-style adventure game set in the near-future London, which was covered with crimes and corruption in the 2070s. It is a unique work that combines a comic style stylish visual, solving mysteries like an escape game, and a turn-based battle RPG system.

Players are Frank (also known as former prisoners who are revenge), Sally (also known as activists), Gain (also known as dissatisfied former employee) As a member of the unusual crime trio, we must stop the ambitions of the corrupted hundreds of millions, who are doing their best.

The search proceeds in the form and click format, and while observing each room, solving puzzles such as inventory management, searching for clues, destroying the door by picking or hacking the terminal, and proceeding. The battle is a turn-based, with unique skills, attacks, and talent trees systems.

Comic-style 3D point & click ADV Sunday Gold that becomes a unique criminal trio and defeats the evil is being distributed in Japanese for PC (Steam). In addition, the prologue version of this work Sunday Gold: PROLOGUE is being distributed for free on Steam.

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