Quiet Hill – ultimately! Wednesday we learn how to proceed with the horror collection

It was rumors regarding the Silent Hill franchise if we have not missed out on one in the previous few months. What we missed out on, on the other hand, were concrete info. That will certainly alter now, due to the fact that an official upgrade for the collection has been revealed. We do not yet understand what sort of update is, we have an appointment-and it has been ready in 2 days.

Quiet Hill-Update announced for Wednesday

That’s what it has to do with: The main Twitter network by Silent Hill claimed that we will learn the new 1. The Silent Hill Transmission, i.e. the Quiet Hill program, occurs on Wednesday, October 19 at 11 p.m. of our time:

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Be cautious with too expensive expectations: Naturally these are news for all fans of the series. We have been waiting for official information for so long. Nevertheless, we still have no indicator of what we obtain to see, whether it is actually regarding a new game of the main series or exactly how especially the details will be.

Below you can figure out more regarding the rumors that ghost for the Silent Hill collection with the network:

Screenshots from feasible jobs also showed up. So we can be delighted to see whether the unofficial news is true-and whether it is ultimately clear the number of jobs are doing exactly what they appear like and also who is entailed.

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Supposedly numerous titles in development: our company believe the rumors, so numerous Silent Hill games need to currently remain in progress; Both a minimum of one new title and a remake that can be in charge of the Blood team. The studio is known for the Layers of Concern collection.

What do you believe, what sort of statement will there be on Wednesday?

If we have actually not missed out on one in the previous few months, then it was rumors concerning the Silent Hill franchise. What we missed out on, on the various other hand, were tangible information. That will certainly transform currently, since an official update for the series has actually been announced. We do not yet understand what kind of upgrade is, we have an appointment-and it has been ready in 2 days.

Be careful with too high expectations: Of training course these are information for all fans of the collection.

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