Officer: Dragon House 2 will not reach until 2024 and promises to correct one of its most criticized pects

For the times that the production of the Dragon House , the successful series of HBO Max belonging to the Game of Thrones a prequel, seemed more than evident that its second seon would not arrive in 2023. And it is that although its premiere occurred more than two months ago, a series of such magnitude needs more time than usual for its filming and for its postproduction . Now, the HBO content director, Cey Boys , h officially reiterated that the seon 2 of house of the dragon will not reach 2024 , on a specific date yet to confirm. This is collected by the Vulture medium after talking to the Executive.

The Dragon House will renounce more temporary jumps

We are just beginning to put the plans together, and the lt time, there are many unknowns. It is not for being shy or reserved, but you don’t want to say that it will be ready on this date, and then have to move it, says the HBO executive about the second seon of the dragon’s house. Do not wait for it for ’23 . I think rather at some point in ’24 , adds Boys. I try not to comment too much about development, so there is not much to say, apart from the fact that when we find the story with which George is happy and with which we are happy, we will continue .

On the other hand, one of the two show runners of the series, Ryan Conda , recently sured that in the second seon they would bet on a more linear development than that of the first seon, thus solving one of the pects more criticized in the series: Temporary jumps and the difficulty of becoming familiar with many of its interpreters due to their fleeting appearances of some episodes to others.


I will say, a reward for our wonderful audience to follow us through all the time jumps, They have already ended . We will tell the story in real time From now on, said Conda.

The Dragon House will return at some point in 2024 with its second seon at HBO Max .

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