Still unstable social security system, is the SAT okay?

The next-generation social security information system (next-generation system), which caused large-scale disorders after operation on September 5, has not showed signs of normalization.

CHO Yo-jong, Minister of Health and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Health and Welfare) and Kim Young-seop, CEO of LG CNS promised to normalize the system by the end of October at the National Assembly’s audit, but the promise was not kept.

As a result, the next-generation system error is increasing the damage to the vulnerable groups who need to receive salaries and pensions.

Some are concerned that those who are providing the test convenience will be disadvantaged in the 2023 college mathematics test due to the disability failure to issue welfare cards for the disabled.

On the 1st, Godínez Korea inquired about the normalization of the next-generation system to the Ministry of Health and Welfare and LG CNS, but did not confirm.

As the normalization was delayed than expected, the Ministry of Health and Welfare began to prepare countermeasures. On the 27th of last month, the emergency response system was operated to stabilize the next-generation system and began operating the next generation system emergency response headquarters. The general manager is in charge of the first vice minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


In particular, he focuses on preparation for the 17-day college scholastic ability test. If you haven’t issued a welfare card for the disabled, such as severe and mild visual impairment, brain lesions, and severe and mild hearing disorders, if you have not been issued a welfare card for the disabled, you can replace the relevant medical certificate, the principal confirmation, and the general hospital director’s certificate. Do.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will first stabilize the regular salary system, and take action to allow the vulnerable group to receive support through handwritten payment and emergency welfare support even when the system is unstable.

The main factors of problems arising from next-generation system construction and normalizing system normalization include difficulties in changing the tasks and developing manpower due to Corona 19.

In order to stabilize the system as soon as possible, the LG CNS consortium also added 60 additional personnel (574). However, enough time is required to find out the work and to work naturally with the existing team members. After all, the addition of manpower would have been difficult to get a quick work reduction in the short term.

An official of a consortium said, I am very sorry for the unexpected damage to many people.

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