Terrafoming with the whole planet! Announcement of coloniesim PLAN B: TERRAFORM -Poding a map composed of over 1 million tiles

Paddy Games has announced the Plan B: Terraform Plan B: Terraform .

This work is a planetary terraforming shrimp that aims to rescue human beings who are suffering from global warming into an environment where humans can live in a newly discovered planet. A planet consisting of more than 1 million tiles, using near-futuristic technology to adjust the temperature and water circulation, etc., and develops ore to expand the residential area by mining and processing nature. To go.

Main characteristics of this work

Make minerals, process them, transport them to cities , and expand your residential area.

Build a performing system in a greenhouse gas factory, etc., gradually warm the atmosphere , dissolve the ice to rain, and eventually form a river and the sea. I will do it. Furthermore, if you meet certain conditions, you can plant trees and create a large forest .

The playfield is a huge planet map composed of more than 1 million Hex .

Real terrifying of the planet. Global Real Time Simulation , such as temperature, vegetation, rainfall, water cycling, etc., forms rivers and sea dynamically.

Sudden evolution of the population, from a few residents to more than a million people .


In addition, this work is scheduled to be distributed as an early access title, and at the start of early access, it is possible to achieve a population of 1 million and to terrain until forming a forest. By the official release, a new terrifying mechanism and a storytelling element are planned.

PLAN B: TERRAFORM is scheduled to start early access to Steam in early 2023. According to the store page description, it supports Japanese interface/subtitles.

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