Brain -based game! Neowiz Master of Knights developer interviews unveiled

Neo wiz’s new Master of Knights, which is officially released on November 24, announced the development story and aspirations in a developer interview video.

The turn-based strategy simulation was developed by about 20 people. Although not large, it was possible to gain a lot of ideas through the team’s unique culture where everyone can express opinions in various fields. In addition to planning the game, art or engineer also participates in the planning and suggests ideas and implements them in the game.

Everyone was half-hearted, but a system that was actually introduced in the game was also introduced with the opinion of a member. The units in Master of Knights have different attacks and movements depending on their characteristics, and they commented on displaying the direction that server programmers can move. As a result, the system was temporarily introduced. This allows you to quickly understand how to move the article in the game.

In addition to the system introduced in the interview, Master of Knights has various convenience devices so that players can quickly judge strategic judgments. For example, there is a system that allows you to raise the camera view and identify the charter more intuitively.

The developers also mentioned the unique content of Master of Knights. As both turn-based battles and real-time combat content exists in the game, I carefully care so that the system in the turn method is the same in real-time battles. And in real-time battles without the player’s intervention, we focused on reflecting the user’s strategy through placement and spells that can be set before battle.

As such, the developers said that as Master of Knights emphasized the keyword of strategy, the game was made to make ‘brain’ more important than physical. In addition, as it is a game made by passionate developers, he said that he will try to be remembered as a ‘masterpiece’ after launch.

Master of Knights is a subculture game mixed with a turn-based strategy and a system of ‘card game’. In addition to passive battles, there are real-time content that players only watch the battle and negative content that can acquire goods over time. Master of Knights is currently receiving pre-booking through its official website and will be officially released on November 24.

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