Intel General Director reveals when his recovery will begin

The semiconductor crisis continues to affect the video game industry. While it is currently easier to get the necessary chips for the creation of consoles compared to what is seen in the last two years, experts continue to point out that this will not be solved overnight. In this way, The general director of Intel has indicated how long a clear solution will be offered.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Pat Gel singer, General Director of Intel, said it will be until 2025 when this crisis is in the past, and hope to have the best integration technology in the world , the best transistors and transistors and Other relevant technological aspects.

Along with this, it has been pointed out that the demand for semiconductors throughout 2022 has not been so heavy compared to what was seen in the last two years, due to inflation and the financial crisis that multiple countries live . Along with this, Gel singer has indicated that a plan has to be carried out for the United States to become independent of China’s production in a future plan.

In related issues, the Xbox Series X | S has risen in a specific region. Similarly, Sony’s actions have increased significantly.

Editor’s note:

The production of the PS5 has made it clear that the crisis we saw in 2020 and 2021 is no longer so strong, which has allowed some elements to return, little by little and slowly, to normal. Thus, the 2025 perspective makes sense.

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