Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unblock/update Christoff kiosk

You will spend half of your time searching for various materials and resources in the Dilute Disney Valley. These items for craft or cooking are scattered over all biomass in the game.

However, sometimes it is much better to buy them directly for Star Coins than to waste time searching for them. This is where Chris toff’s kiosk appears.

Although you will also have access to the GUI counter to buy seeds and products, Christoph’s counter is the only source from which you can get objects such as wood, stone, fabric, etc.

However, the installation of Christoph kiosk is a rather complex and long process. Consequently, in this leadership we will consider how to unlock Christopher’s kiosk in the Dilute Disney Valley.

how to open the Christoph counter

Christoph initially appears in the game as soon as you unlock the forest of valor. At first, only a few tasks will be available to him, for example, where you need to unlock Donald Data. After unlocking Donald DAK and the execution of his quest, a few more will be opened.

One of these tasks is the Village Project: The Hitter Stamp, which can be launched only after Chris toff reaches the 6th level of friendship. When this quest is launched, Christoph will tell you that he needs to open the shop in the valley, but he does not. I’m completely sure how to do it.

For this reason, you first need to talk a little with GUI (who has your own kiosk) and ask his advice. GUI will give you several of his objects from his old stall, after which you have to start the search for several more items. However, these items are quite problematic to find, and it will take a lot of time to collect them.

Perhaps it would be better if you collected these items during the game, and as soon as you collect them all, you will return to Chris toff. The objects that you need to collect are as follows:

50x soft wood: is found in all biomes except Dazzle Beach.
50x stone: gathers when the extraction of any mined rocks.
50X solid wood: can be found in all biomes except Dazzle Beach, Plaza and Peaceful Meadows.
10 iron ingots: made of 5x iron ore and 1x coal

As soon as you get all the necessary items, go to the workshop, create Christopher’s kiosk and place it anywhere where you want to complete the quest.

Upon completion of this quest, Chris toff kiosk will be available for use, but only half will be used. This means that he can only sell coniferous wood, stone and sand.

To unlock another series of items, you need to update the counter.

How to improve Chris toff shop

To improve Chris toff’s shop, you need to complete another quest proposed by him. This is the quest Broken San in which he asks you to fix his broken sledges.

Initially, his sleigh is frozen in the ice, and after breaking the ice it is clear that it is damaged and needs to be repaired. The items necessary for the repair of his sled are indicated in his book, which you can receive in his house. The necessary items are as follows:

50x fiber: 5 fibers are obtained from 1 algae
9X repair parts: can be made of 2 iron ingots each.
30x deciduous rocks
10 iron ingots

As soon as you get all these items, you can proceed to the repair of Chris toff sled through Crafting Station. Having given Christopher his new sledges, Chris toff will ask you for several samples for his kiosk. These elements include:

  • Brick: can be made of 5x clay and 1x coal ore.
  • Glass: can be made of 5x sand and 1x coal ore.
  • Iron ingot
  • Fiber

Having handed him these objects, he will open another row that he can use in his kiosk. He will use these slots to sell coal, brick, snow, glass, fabrics and fibers, alternating from time to time.

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