The new city builder built in the Viking Village came to Steam.

The new city builder ‘Land of the Vikings’, which contains the construction of the viking village, began to try ahead of Steam on the 9th.

Land of the Vikings, founded by Indie Game Developer Rap Games in Turkey, is an extension of the viking village. It must survive the harsh conditions and enemy raids, and induce fellow Vikings to cooperate without collision. In addition, farming, wildlife hunting, ore mining, and fishing, which are planted and cultivated, should be collected, carefully managed, and endured winter.

All villagers in the game have different characteristics, and both specials are different. Therefore, when distributing work to residents, personality and ability should be considered. More Vikings visit the village, depending on the development of the village, and the player can accept or refuse them as a companion.

There are also various disasters such as earthquakes and lightning. In particular, the deadly cold of storms and blizzards can lead the player in trials. In order for the village to flourish, the Vikings must live warmly and prepare firewood and grocery stores so that they can eat.


In this game, you can design the village as desired, and also support a building editor that can turn the shape of the house into the desired shape. It is also possible to build monuments of Nordic mythical gods such as Odin and Fray or decorate the Viking ship.

Land of Vikings can be purchased for 18,430 won, which is 10% off until the 16th. However, Korean is not supported, and only English is available.

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