Neowiz, 3Q sales of W74.9bn. Focus on new works, including fal of P

On the 10th, Neo wiz announced its third quarter of 22nd. In the third quarter, sales amounted to W74.9bn, up 22% year-on-year. During the same period, operating profit and net profit turned to the black to W5.2bn and W8.1bn, respectively.

The mobile game division sales increased 14% YoY to W36.4bn. Mobile neglected games celebrated its first anniversary and achieved the largest quarterly sales by conducting a commemorative event and large content update. Brown Dust & Puzzle, which utilizes IP, which was released in July this year, also contributed to sales.


The PC/console game division’s sales amounted to W32.4bn, up 13% year-on-year. A.V.A’s steam launch effect and the deregulation of web board games, resulting in sales growth, and the rhythm game was also released in the Xbox and Game Pass, and sales sources were diversified.

Other sales were slightly reduced from the previous quarter, with its subsidiary T & K Factory’s mobile advertising sales.

Neo wiz explained that it plans to provide the best game service to domestic and foreign game users by diversifying the game genre and expanding the platform. In particular, the company plans to focus on new works under development, and to develop game development using IP more actively.

First, in the fourth quarter and 2023, various genres of new works will be introduced sequentially. On November 24, a turn-based strategy simulation role performance game (SRPG) will be released, and Visual Nobel RPG , a goal to launch in the fourth quarter, and the casual healing adventure game It is in.

In 2023, the European Game Show ‘Game Com 2022’ will launch , which achieved three crowns for the first time in Korean game company. , which has been well-received for the trailer release, and San butterfly, which have been evaluated for overwhelming positive (97%) after the Steam Early access release, will be introduced first.

In addition, the company will accelerate sales expansion with a number of new lineups such as Brown Dust 2, which received high attention since the opening of the teaser site. In addition, we will prepare the next film using IP, such as IP-based puzzle games based on cats and soup, and mobile RPGs using Japanese famous IP.

Neo wiz is also speeding up the development of its own web 3 blockchain game platforms, Intella X. Intella X Wallet, Defection Central Exchange (DEX), NFT Lunch Pad, and NFT Marketplace are being built to complete user-friendly Intella X.

In addition, we plan to on board various blockchain games such as two types of IP utilization games, A.V.A, and EOS Red. In order to discover new business opportunities in the web 3 market, he plans to actively sign partnerships with blockchain companies, collaboration, and strategic investment.

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