Neo geo pocket color selection vol. 2 is now available

A quite special games was launched for a long time for Nintendo Switch and PC , the Neo geography pocket color selection , which brought together the best titles of the not-so-known laptop of INK . Over time more downloadable games were coming out, but that do not belong to that first compilation, something that has already been corrected.

Thus, the number two selection is already available for all those who wish to take an eye, and that some connoisseurs decided not to acquire the games individually, because it was evident that they were going to join them in a short time. Thus, this compiled program is now available, and the best thing is that once again it will have physical format for Switch .

This is the list of games included in the collection:

-SNK vs. Cap com Card Fighters ’Clash

-Big Bang Pro Wrestling

-Mega Man Battle & Fighters

-Puzzle Link2

-Gabbier Neo Potemkin

-The King of Fighters Battle de Paradise

-Baseball Stars Color

-Pocket tennis color

-Negev cup ‘98 plus color

Remember that it is also available in Steam .

Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: Without a doubt, lovers of the classic will appreciate having these games at hand, and more if they put it on a switch cartridge. Personally I will see if I reach any copy in the presale.

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